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RedKings is quickly catching the eye of poker players as they have four new promotions just for the month of April! There’s the $10,000 FishMarket, $80,000 Knock’em Down, Point Per Day 15 and a 100 iPad Giveaway.

The $10,000 FishMarket promotion will be for a $10,000 tournament that starts April 6th. To qualify, all users have to do is make their first deposit at RedKings. This includes not only poker deposits but also all first time betting deposits! Once deposited, players receive a free ticket to the tournament that would usually cost a $10+1 buy-in. As RedKings always says, “Fish Guaranteed,” so participants should have a great shot at the prize money.

The next promotion is called Knock’em Down which features $80,000 in prizes. The goal for this contest is to stay in the RedKings top 60 for five consecutive days and you win. What makes this promotion even more interesting is that players receive their prize money depending on what place they were in for each of the five days. Coming in first in any of the five days nets a nice $300 prize, while 60th brings in $5. For example, if a player was in the top 60 for five days and in day 1 he finished in first place, then he is guaranteed $300 for that day; day 2 he dropped to 60th and receives $5 for the day. He then also receives the money for days 3, 4 and 5 on top of this for whatever place he earned (in the top 60)! RedKings spices this up by adding random “Double Days” and “Triple Days” that will double the prize money or triple it if a player qualifies.

The third promotion is called Points Per Day 15 and includes a lot of different races. The first is one in which everyone is a winner given they make the requirements. There are three levels depending on how often a player receives player points. Level 3 is for those that make the most and Level 1 is for the least. Players much choose which level suits them the best as prizes differ. In Level 1, players much earn 25 points for 1 race point, Level 2 requires 50 points for 1 race point and Level 3 needs 100 player points for 1 race point.

The prizes are as follows:
Level 1:
– 10 Race Points = $5.50 ticket
– 15 Race Points = $5.50 + 2.20 ticket
– 20 Race Points = $11 ticket
– 25 Race Points = $11 + 2.20 ticket
– 30 Race Points = (2) $11 tickets

Level 2:
– 10 Race Points = $11 ticket
– 15 Race Points = $11 + 5.50 ticket
– 20 Race Points = (2) $11 tickets
– 25 Race Points = (2) $11 + (one) 5.50 tickets
– 30 Race Points = (3) $11 tickets

Level 3:
– 10 Race Points = (2) $11 tickets
– 15 Race Points = (3) $11 tickets
– 20 Race Points = (4) $11 tickets
– 25 Race Points = $54 ticket
– 30 Race Points = $54 + 11 tickets

On top of this, each Wednesday there is a hand race. The top 15 players who earn the most raked hands on that day will share a $500 prize pool. Also, every Thursday RedKings will give the top 3 players who collected the most tournament points during that day a $320 tournament ticket to the GSOP Live Seville qualifier.

The last April promotion is the iPad Giveaway in which 100 iPads will be given away. There will be two freeroll tournaments giving away the iPads, but require players to collect at least 15 Race points. This promotion is divided into two parts, a micro/low players section and a high/medium players section, for players to qualify. In the micro/low stakes part, players must earn at least 50 Player Points per day at micro/low stakes cash tables during at least 15 of the 30 days this month. For the high/medium level, players must collect at least 150 Player Points per day at either medium or high stakes cash tables 15 or more of the 30 days in April. The freeroll tournament for high and medium stakes players will offer 75 iPads in the prize pool, while the micro and low stakes freeroll will give out 25.

As you can see RedKings is busy adding promotions for this month. A variety of options only means that many prizes are just waiting to be won. Go out and try your luck this month!