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This year’s EPT tour came to a close at its final destination of 2008 in Prague.  Seeing the tour through its last final table of the year were two RedKings Swedish pros in the 2000Euro side event.

That’s right, while Ramzi Jelassi was the eventual victor in this tournament, Jonas Molander, another RedKings pro, was right there at the same final table!

Two days prior, both RedKing pros busted out of the main event.  This time around they both landed spots on the final table with average sized stacks, and were eager to show their true ability.

Both making the final table, out of the 5 players left, they were in a good condition to wind up on top.  In the end, it was Ramzi who made the hand that would decide his direction for the last stretch of this tournament.

Ramzi re-raised all in with his pocket fives, only to run into the chip leader’s pocket Kings.  Up to this point the chip leader had enjoyed stealing a number of pots.  The flop came A72 all spades.  Holding onto the 5 of spades, Ramzi had some hope of turning his luck around.  Sure enough, the flop brought the King of spades, providing Ramzi with the better hand, Ace high flush.  The river card didn’t help his opponent shifting the chip lead to Ramzi himself!

Jonas “Molle” Molander finished in 4th place, losing JJ vs. KQ all in pre flop.  This sent him spectating from the rail as he encouraged his good friend Ramzi.  Once heads up, a close battle ensued, but eventually ended when Ramzi called his opponent’s bluff with AT on a 9 high board.  Needless to say, his opponent had J high and Ramzi’s higher card held up!

Taking down the 129000 euro prize, Ramzi was thrilled with his largest live cash ever.

“It feels really good to nail a victory after many good finishes but no 1st place for a long time.  It was really fun to have Jonas on the final table as well and also show our new sponsor RedKings that we can play the game,” Ramzi said with a smile.

“-We are of course very happy to have both guys on this final table and hopefully this is just the beginning for our two Swedish “Kings,” says RedKings Live Events Manager Jerry Land.