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10th October 2009 – has launched one of the most unusual and rewarding Points Races where EVERYONE has an equal chance of winning.

More of a Points Challenge then a Race, it was such a huge success in a test in Finland last month so it is now being rolled out to all RedKings players around the World.

RedKings Promotions Manager Ellen Black said, “It’s not about being a big grinder; it’s all about being consistent. You can win in our “Point per Day” Race by just earning 50, 100 or 300 player points per day. The twist is that you have to do that for at least 13 days during the campaign period. It’s an Online Poker first in that the prize pool is progressive and it also gives everyone participating the same chance, the pot is shared at each level between the players who manage to make the requirement over 13 days.”

Starting Friday 16th October and running for 16 days players are required to register for the level of RedKings player points a day they feel they can achieve. Making the RedKings points requirement for 13 days means the player gets a total of 13 Race Points which entitles them to share in the prize pool with all the other players who achieved the same 13 Race points. The more players who get 13 Race Points, the bigger the pot to share.

Commented Black, “Unlike elitist Rake Races which have a set amount of prize money and are always won by the same big players every time, our ‘Point per Day’ race is for all levels of player at RedKings. All have an equal chance of sharing in the money, that’s guaranteed. Since we opened registration three days ago we have had over 700 players signing up which already ensures a prize pool of well over $50,000 across the three levels, we have no doubt that this will rise to over $100,000 by the start of the challenge. Not bad for a 13 day event.”

To find out more about the new RedKings Points Race or to register now visit the RedKings website.

(RedKings Press Release)