Rich “nutsinho” Lyndaker has been known to be one of the toughest players on FTR, and now he is very close to his largest payday ever! He has outlasted 799 other players and now sits as the chip leader of the final table in event 46, $5,000 shorthanded.

Day 2 ended perfectly for Rich Lyndaker as he was able to get the final elimination. Rich raised to 65,000 from utg, and was called by Edward Ochana from mp. It was folded to Will Failla in the big blind who moved all-in for 250,000. Rich then announced that he too was all-in, and Ochana mucked TT face up. Failla turned over AKo which was miles behind Lyndaker’s AA. No help came on the board, and Failla was eliminated in 7th place, one short from the final table. This added to Rich Lyndaker’s already massive stack and set the tone for the start of the final 6! Rich and the other 5 players were very relieved as this hand occurred at 5:30 am, and they were ready to go to bed. However, I don’t expect them to get much sleep, especially Rich who announced, “omg I can’t sleep.”

It wasn’t an easy coast to the final table for Rich. For most of Day 2 he sat on an average or short stack. Here are some memorable hands, starting around 11:00 PM. Lyndaker pushed all-in with 77 and was called by Elliot Smith who held ATo. They both missed the flop, and sweated the turn, which was another 7 for Lyndaker. This gave him a much needed double up, but he wasn’t done yet. Just a couple hands later, JJ Liu raised to 16,000 from late poisiton, and Lyndaker made it 34,000 from the small blind. Next to act, Smith shoved in his remaining stack, determined to get some of his chips back. Lui folded and Lyndaker insta-called, showing QQ. Smith flipped up AKo and they were off to the races. The board ended up being 8x9x7x 6x Qx, and Lyndaker eliminated Smith in 2 very quick hands.

Later in the day, Lyndaker was on the short stack, and got all-in with JsJd against Tom Lutz, who showed AhAc. The flop came Qd9s5d, which showed little help for Lyndaker. The turn was the 8h, giving him a gutshot straight draw, and the miracle river fell, the Td, giving Lyndaker a straight and a much needed double up. His stack had moved up to over 400,000.

Rich Lyndaker then kept adding to his stack, later getting in a big pot with Team PokerStars pro, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. ElkY raised from the button, and Lyndaker and Jason Gray called from the blinds. They both checked a Jc8s4h flop, and ElkY bet 42,000. Lyndaker called and Gray folded. The turn came the 7s and again Lyndaker check/called for 50,000. The river was the 8d, and Lyndaker checked again. ElkY moved all-in for about 100,000 and Lyndaker called, showing AA, which was ahead of ElkY’s AJ. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier finished in 16th place and now Rich had over 600,000. Rich Lyndaker then went on a huge rush, eliminating 4 more players, including the final elimination mentioned above.

After a marathon Day 2, which lasted over 14 hours, Day 3 and the final table resumes play today at 2:00 PM PST. This event is scheduled to be aired live on ESPN360 today, and you can watch it by clicking here.

Here are the official chip counts going into Day 3:

Richard Lyndaker 2,345,000
Joe Commisso 1,961,000
Tom Lutz 1,493,000
Sam Trickett 1,000,450
Edward Ochana 928,000
Davidi Kitai 298,000

Rich “nutsinho” Lyndaker is the strong favorite, as his specialty is shorthanded play. However, the top 3 stacks are pretty close, and anything can happen. Let’s hope Rich runs good, because here are the payouts:

1 $911,855
2 $570,551
3 $368,891
4 $245,927
5 $174,041
6 $120,693

He is already guaranteed $120k, but knowing Rich, he will be upset at anything besides $911k and the gold bracelet. Be sure to check out WSOP360 today and watch Rich take down event 46! If you can’t do that, check back to the poker news section for updates on the final table, or see the official rail thread in the FTR community, by clicking here. From everyone at FTR, good luck to Rich “nutsinho” Lyndaker!