Somewhat lost in all of the hype surrounding Full Tilt’s notorious FTOPS event has been the great action found in the latest installment of their MiniFTOPS series.

The Main Event was a $70+$5 No-Limit Holdem contest, featuring 14,396 players. Erik Lindgren hosted the $1,000,000 guaranteed event, with a total prize pool of $1,007,720. After more than 14 hours of play, it would be RioMata who came out on top, taking home an astonishing $153,818.38. Here’s how the final table shook out:

1: RioMata ($153,818.38)

2: zavor4ik ($103,291.30)

3: Converse18 ($73,059.70)

4: c-biz-kid ($52,401.44)

5: babu1969 ($37,285.64)

6: MURIBE ($26,704.58)

7: blur5f6 ($19,146.68)

8: smarthawk998 ($14,108.08)

9: maximumenergy ($9,976.43)

Isaac Baron was the highest Team Full Tilt finisher, placing 282nd. He took home $352.70 for his efforts. The top 1,890 places were paid, with a minimum reward of $100.77.

One of the other biggest stars in the latest MiniFTOPS running was ka$ino, who secured two top three finishes over a short stretch of time. With his third place finish in Event #12 and second place berth in Event #7, the Nebraska native has added something in the neighborhood of $90,000 to his wallet.