EPTThe Season 10 London Leg of the PokerStars European Poker Tour has come to an end, and it’s not been short of stories.

It ended when Robin “Robihino” Ylitalo beat online qualifier Georgios Karakousis in a fairly short heads up battle. Ylitalo is waking up today with an extra £560,980 in his bank account, along with a SLYDE watch on his bedside table and a rather impressive trophy standing in his hotel room.

This wasn’t the first time Ylitalo had been on the EPT big stage, he already had an 8th place finish in EPT Campione from Season 8. When asked how the EPT title felt he replied “It’s amazing to win this, the best feeling. I absolutely thought I could do it… I thought I was able, but it didn’t happen. I can’t put words to how great it feels. I have been dreaming of this for a long time.”

NEIL7565_EPT10LON_Robin_Ylitalo_Neil StoddartRobin’s victory wasn’t the only story from the final table. Runner up Georgios Karakousis is a known face on the EPT High Roller circuit, but this is his first Main Event cash. The 63 year old Plastics Factory manager added a very healthy £349,200 to his bank roll, and his play at the final table surprised many. He has done his bit to fight the stereotype of the older player being a rock, only playing monsters. Karakousis was more than happy to play the young guns at their own game, and was able to hold his own at a table full of young online players.

The big story of the main event final table was a younf 24 year old man from Northamptonshire. Leo McClean satellited into the £5,250 Main Event for £93 playing the PokerStars online satellites. He spent a large portion of the final table laddering his way through the final eight. His played tight, but seemed to be aware of his position, and was able to double through several times in order to survive. It would not surprise me at all to see McClean at further EPT Final tables going forward. Last night may have seen the birth of a new rising star on the EPT.

His third place finish for £249,850 gives him a return on his investment of 268,656%, which, while not sustainable, is one hell of an introduction to the EPT.

The competing rails at the final table helped to provide a high energy atmosphere, with the rails for McClean, Ylitalo and German/Scot Hybrid Ludo Geilich all supporting their players in good, if loud, humour. Geilish picked up a fourth place to add to his recent UKIPT win.

DevilFishThe Main Event wasn’t the only action yesterday, the £10,000 high roller was also contesting it’s final table. Some of the marquee names here were PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano, Poker Legend David “Devilfish” Ulliott and EPT San Remo runner up Jason Lavallee.

This stop of the EPT has been very kind to Ulliott, who went deep in the main event, an finished in 6th place in the high roller for £82,315. To those of us who follow poker religiously, it was nice to see the Devilfish back on form, looking like the pro we all remember from the beginning of televised poker.

Jason Lavallee was the eventual winner of the high Roller, and beat local Simon Higgins heads up to pocket the £357,700 first prize. He joked to his rail as the final chips were added to his stack “So this is what it feel to win one, eh?” in obvious reference to his lack of a live title since a 2009 EPT side event.

The EPT circus is going to be back in December, when it rolls into the winter wonderland of Prague. All 7 days of the Main Event will be live streamed, and FlopTurnRiver.com will be hosting the stream as usual.