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As the stress of the holiday season continues to mount, gamers everywhere are in desperate need of a little quality relaxation time. After spending gobs of money on Aunt Maude, Cousin Jake, and other dubious relations, nothing calms the nerves like splurging a little on yourself.

After all, winning hefty sums of cash can cure even the grinchiest of outlooks.

This is where the folks at Rome Casino come in. As one of the few big name sites to accept US players, Rome has found themselves at the center of a great deal of user interest. The company execs have responded well to the limelight, rewarding their loyal playing populace with an ever increasing roster of bonuses and promotions.

Without a doubt, the most lucrative offer from Rome is Romulus’ Welcome Bonus. Named after one of the mythical founders of its ancient namesake, this equally legendary promotion will net its devotees a 100% deposit match up to $1,000. Unlike many other sites, however, the fun doesn’t end there. The same generosity extends to each one of a player’s first ten deposits, a fact which could push bonus earnings all the way to $10,000.

This isn’t the only trick the folks at Rome have up their sleeve, however. Their Copia’s Cash Back Bonus will also net players an additional 25% cash back on their deposit, on the condition that they spend a considerable amount of time using the site’s blackjack, roulette, and video poker services. Knowing the tendencies of most gamers, this shouldn’t be a hard requirement to fill.

On top of all this, players can also reap rewards for spreading the word. Simply by referring a friend to Rome’s tables, evangelist gamers can earn up to 15% of their contemporaries’ first deposit in bonus cash.

With so many offers in the air, it’s not hard to see why players are in a frenzy over Rome Casino. These are, after all, only a portion of their offers. Beyond those mentioned here, there are also revolving weekly promotions, as well as special weekend events which can lead to even further winnings.