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MiniFTOPS XVII continues with another huge tournament that took over thirteen hours to complete. Event 22 was a $30 + $3 rebuy/add-on six-max tournament. Full Tilt Poker guaranteed a $300,000 prize pool. They were correct to estimate that amount as the pirze pool ended up totaling $305,790. Players were allowed to rebuy as many times as they wanted for the first hour once their stack went under 1,500 chips. The rebuy cost another $30. After the hour, players would be allowed to add-on 2,000 chips for $30. Players rebought 5,273 times and 1,920 players decided to add-on.

Steve Yea was chosen to host MiniFTOPS Event 22. He is a South Korean poker player that started playing poker in 2006. As a Warcraft player and computer programmer, he gravitated towards online poker. He plays both tournaments and ring games at the same time having grinded up a bankroll from freerolls. He has had success all over the world scoring 25th at a tournament in Los Angeles, 10th at a tournament in the Philippines, and 2nd at the Asian Poker Tour in Macau. Yea hopes to become a poker ambassador in Asia. He also took part in MiniFTOPS Event 22 busting out in 1,166th place.

The list of players that took part in the tournament included fifteen players from Team Full Tilt. In addition to Yea, this list included Toto Leonidas, Stuart Paterson, Roy Winston, and David Pham. Unfortunately, none of these players placed. The two Team Full Tilt Poker pros that made the money were Christian Kruel, who busted out in 313th place and won $152.90, and Berry Johnston, who busted out in 121st place for $269.10.

The final table included Mantras, jurak_hunt, endlessj83, mar9300, thechemist83, and Roxx Box. After the first two players were knocked out, Mantras and jurak_hunt in that order, the four remaining players were pretty evenly stacked. All four agreed to a deal that would grant each of the last four players about the same amount of money. In essence, they were playing for the glory and the silver MiniFTOPS jersey. In the end, Roxx Box triumphed over thechemist83 to win MiniFTOPS 22. Here is a rundown of the results:

1st – Roxx Box – $39,294.02
2nd – thechemist83 – $36,294.03
3rd – mar9300 – $34,685.11
4th – endlessj83 – $33, 851.79
5th – jurak_hunt – $14,066.34
6th – Mantras – $9,479.49