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The World Poker Tour championship main event can be summed up with one picture, Scott Seiver, sitting in front of a table covered in money, $1,618,344 to be exact. Seiver’s arms are outstretched throwing four morbidly obese money stacks high up into the air. With a massive grin and stellar play, the affable and gregarious young lad known as Scott Seiver came up huge winning the 220 person 2011 WPT World Championship at the Bellagio!

After coming into the final table tied for the chip lead along with PCA champion Galen Hall, with 5,075,000, Scott Seiver ended season nine of the World Poker Tour with a bang, winning it’s most prestigious tournament.

The turning point came when Scott Seiver got all his chips in preflop with AdKd versus Tony Gargano holding KhJh with four players left to win a massive pot and take his chip stack to 10 Million. Then there were three players left, Scott Seiver, Galen Hall, the winner of January’s PokerStars Carribean Adventure Main Event, and pre-online boom player Freddy Bonyadi.

Scott Seiver had the answer for Galen Hall, making a big call with K10 offsuit in the big blind to knock out Bonyadi with Jd7d. Heads up came down to one huge final pot. The board came out 10c 6d 2s Qc Ks. After heavy betting on the river, Bonyadi showed Qs 10h two pair losing to Seiver with Js9d for the straight. Congratulations to Scott Seiver, the 2011 World Poker Tour World Champion!