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December 6th, 2009 was a pretty memorable day. The Raiders somehow beat the last Super Bowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Miami Dolphins also managed to do the same to almighty Tom Brady and his New England Patriots.

But on the internet things were just as eventful and memorable. On Titan Poker, the prestigious online-only tournament ECOOP (European Championship of Online Poker) came to its conclusion with the taking place of its grand finale.

During the weeks of play and the various events in varying poker disciplines, more than $4,550,000 changed hands. As you could conclude on your own, the ECOOP overcame its relatively modest start which was just a short few years ago and became one of the biggest and most prestigious poker tournaments online today, held on the rock solid iPoker network.

Tons of new players have written their names down in history by taking down events of this ECOOP, and tons of old players have shown the world why they are forces to be reckoned with by doing the same thing.

It was an exciting series, and we are quite sad it had to come to an end, but alas, all good things do.

The memorable ECOOP main event had a total GTD prize pool of $1,500,000, and an actual prize pool of $1,576,500, with 1051 hopefuls all vying for first place and immortality. Not a ton of entrants means skill is much more likely to trump luck for once.

After all the cards were dealt, this is how it all went down:

9th: Domceee , $22,071.00
8th: babsvman , $31,530.00
7th: hsiFyMspihC , $47,295.00
6th: IFkYourMind , $63,060.00
5th: celticandy , $78,825.00
4th: Reinikainen , $94,590.00
3rd: MAKKAPAK1 , $126,120.00
2nd: aligatori2 , $173,415.00

and grand winner of the second ECOOP V Main Event is:

1st: Shevmouse , $331,065.00

Shevmouse was the last man standing and turned just $1,580 into over $300K! Congrats!

I hope you had a chance to cash in on the bonanza that was this edition of the ECOOP. And if you didn’t, let’s hope the wait for the sixth edition of the ECOOP is not a long one, and start refining your poker skills today to ensure massive paydays!

How do you refine your poker skills you ask? Well, you are currently browsing the most complete poker strategy website on the planet, so that’s already an excellent start!