Congratulations to shuriken555, who took home the gold in Fult Tilt Poker’s latest marque tournament, the 20th event in this year’s FTOPS XV. It was a long, hard road which began at 14:02 PM ET on Friday, February 19.

2,427 players anted up for this $200+$16, 6-Max tourney, each striving to reach the money. The top 270 places were paid, with a minimum payout of $360.

The pros didn’t fair so well in this tournament. Vitaly Lunkin was the first to go, finishing in 2,147th place. Other notables include Gavin Smith (1,079th) Huck Seed (1,256th), and host Raul Paez, who finished just inside the money (671st).

Allen Cunningham made the deepest run of any member of Team Full Tilt, making it into the double-digits before finishing in 47th place. The fan favorite took home $1,050 for his efforts.

With 20 players left in the field, action slowed to a grinding halt before Casey McCarrel was knocked out, followed quickly by Keeson. Each took home $2,450, and the action got rolling once again.

Things slowed once again as the final table drew closer, with a great span of time elapsing before places 12 (LudoMAN89, $4,750) to 7 (Rorio, $10,025) were eliminated.

When the dust settled, six players had reached the final table. o mrBuBbLeS o, firaldo87, wintyara, TheGreatFrench, goodvibe, and shuriken555 had waded through a field of over 2,400 players in their quest for the top prize.

The final table itself went by with remarkable speed, it seemed, after the hard-fought battles in the tournament’s earlier hours. Here are the final results from FTOPS XV’s 20th event of 2010.

  1. shuriken555 ($98,500)

  2. goodvide ($62,480)

  3. TheGreatFrench ($43,250)

  4. Firaldo87 ($$33,00)

  5. wintyara ($23,500)

  6. o mrBuBbLeS o ($15,750)

Play completed on February 20 at 00:12 AM ET. The after-deal payout for the top two prizes were $90,980 and $70,000 respectively.