Ask an online tournament pro what Sunday means, and you’re sure to get a wide variety of answers. Sundays are synonymous with frustration, success, jubilation, and disappointment, depending on whom you ask. Despite the outcome, whether they make 4, 5, or 6 figures, or drop a ton, it’s still the most +EV tournament day of the week. Gigantic fields filled with weak players, and with enormous prize pools, spread out amongst the day, giving players numerous chances to strike a six figure score.

Tomorrow, however, is going to be a memorable day, to say the least. Numerous million-dollar prize pools will be built, and numerous six-figure scores will be won by those skilled and lucky enough to make it to these final tables and hit it big.

Over on Full Tilt, the FTOPS 7 series comes to an end tomorrow, and will be doing so with a bang. The $2.5k, 2 day event, will be finishing up tomorrow, with an over 2 million dollar prize pool. 1st place is $488k, and with a field littered with talent, it’s sure to have an electric finish. And of course, there’s the $500 Main Event, with a 2 million guarantee. There’s no doubt of that surpassing its guarantee as well, with people showing up in droves to have their shot at a massive six figure pay day.

However, not to be outdone, PokerStars will be having two tourneys with million dollar prizepools tomorrow, as well. On top of the ever-popular Sunday Million, tomorrow PokerStars will be hosting a special kind of tournament. The 2 Million Turbo Takedown won’t be just any tournament. An unusual tournament to say the least, it’s one that cannot be bought in with any amount of money. The way to gain entry into this tourney is 10k frequent player points, one of PokerStars many ways of showing appreciation for its many loyal players. This tournament is capped at 12,000 players, with it paying the top 4,000 players, giving everyone in it a one in three chance at cashing! PokerStars has done their very best to give people ample chances to get into this tourney, as well, offering hundreds of frequent player points satellites throughout the past week.

With four tourneys topping 1 million in their prize pools, at the very least, tomorrow guarantees to be an extremely exciting, and frustrating day. As it goes many times in this game, “it depends” on whom you ask. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, here’s to a day of running well, and dodging bad beats.