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The masterminds operating behind the scenes at have been working tirelessly to amass a tournament calendar stuffed full of money added events. From PokerStars to Cereus there’s freerolls and extra value tournaments suitable for every player. Also along for the ride are inter-forum competitions and the hotly contested FTR Gauntlet VIII.

Not just anyone can get their hands on this extra cash, however. In order to be given the passwords to these private events you need to be registered on the FTR forum. Signing up is free and with the sheer volume of exclusive tournaments on offer you may well even make a profit. Even with the lamentable UIGEA in effect there’s plenty of easy money to be made by US players. Along with Full Tilt events, FTR members have exclusive access to $800 worth of money-added PokerStars tournaments every month.

It’s no surprise to see that the second half of August is jam packed with top notch events, offering thousands of dollars worth of added money. From freerolls to mixed events there’s a contest to suit every taste, with extra money that should entice everyone.

The full list of August’s remaining events is as follows:

FTR20 (August 20th 20:00 ET) – A $5 buy-in event just for FTR members, hosted by ReeferPoker. This regular No Limit Hold ’em tournament features a large $300 cash injection to the prize pool.

FTR $100 Freeroll (August 21st 16:00 ET) – This exclusive FTR event costs nothing to play in. Just make sure you sign up to LuckyAcePoker via the FlopTurnRiver links.

FTR $200 (August 21st 20:00 ET) – The biggest site of them all, PokerStars, is hosting a special tournament just for FTR members. $200 of money will be added to this $2 No Limit Hold ’em event exclusively for FTR sign-ups.

FTR $200 (August 22nd 15:00 ET) – The ChiliPoker collective know how to treat their loyal FTR players. A neat $200 freeroll just for FTR players should do the trick.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Games 11A – 8-Game (August 23rd 15:00 ET) – The prestigious FTR Gauntlet continues its inexorable march with this taxing 8-Game round. FTR forumites continue to duke it out in a $10 + $1 event.

FTR $200 (August 23rd 20:00 ET) – $200 looks set to be added into this freeroll by Full Tilt, just so Flop Turn River members can pick up some free cash. You must have opened your FullTilt account through FTR in order to compete.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Game 11B – 8-Game (August 23rd 21:30 ET) – The second round of the 11th stage of the Gauntlet VII. A $10 + $1 8-Game tournament just for FTR members.

FTR5 $300 Money Added (August 25th 20:00 ET) – There’s a very healthy $300 added into this $5.50 NLHE event on the Cereus network. The regular FTR5 tournament is for forum members only, so make sure you sign up.

FTR25 (August 25th 22:05 ET) – The regular FTR25 returns on Cake Poker. Flop Turn River forum members can enjoy a cut-price $1 + $0.10 tournament with $100 added. Delicious!

FTR26 (August 26th 20:00 ET) – If you’re registered on the FTR forum then PlayersOnly has a special $3 tournament for you to compete in. If you’re not already a member, sign up for the password to this $300 money added tournament.

FTR $200 Freeroll (August 27th 21:00 CEST) – FTR’s Euro contingent will be sure to enjoy themselves on TowerGaming this month. A exclusive $200 freeroll should serve to pad a few bankrolls.

FTR27 (August 27th 20:00 ET) – If FTR members aren’t already worn out from the sheer bulk of exclusive tournaments headed their way in August, there’s yet more to come from TruePoker. The online site is hosting a $5 + $1 event with $100 money added, just for FTR players.

FTR $300 Freeroll (August 28th 20:00 ET) – Although US poker fans have found themselves shut out of much of the industry, that’s not the case at PokerStars. FTR members from every country can get some added value at this exclusive $300. Just one of $800 worth of exclusive PokerStars tournaments every month.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Game 12A – NLH FR (August 30th 15:00 ET) – The first of two rounds of the stage 12 FTR Gauntlet contest. This No Limit Full Ring game looks set to provide another challenging test to FTR forum members on PokerStars.

FTR 400 (August 30th 18:05 ET) – With the end of the month fast approaching the collective FTR eye once again turns its attention to Titan Poker. The regular FTR 400 event features, aptly enough, $400 money added in addition to its $2 + $0.20 buy-in. If you want to get a slice of the action you’ll need to use the bonus code FTRBONUS when signing up for the new first deposit bonus.

FTR $500 Private Freeroll (August 30th 20:00 ET) – It might not be enough to acquire your own stately home, but a $500 freeroll from Mansion Poker is plenty to get you on your way. As always this is for FTR members only.

FTR300 (August 30th 21:00 ET) – Yet another PokerStars event for all to enjoy, this time a $3 + $0.30 buy-in No Limit Hold ’em event. $300 has been added by the kind folks at PokerStars to be fought over exclusively by FTR members.

FTR Gauntlet VII Game 12B – NLH FR (August 30th 21:30 ET) – Round off the month with a challenging shot at the FTR Gauntlett VIII on PokerStars. This month’s final event is a $10 + $1 buy-in full ring game.