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Sit & Go Madness is back for a limited time at FullTilt Poker.  Between Friday, January 9th at 16:00 ET and Sunday, January 11th at 16:00 ET, players will be able to compete for over $75K in cash and prizes!  And there’s three ways to win!

To find qualifying games, enter the sit & go lobby and select the 1-Table tab.  Qualifying Sit & Go Madness games will be highlighted in green.

First off, the sit & gos will be divided into four different groups, based on the stakes.  Here are the four groups:

Group A – $1 to $2
Group B – $5 to $11
Group C – $20 to $33
Group D – $50 to $110

Then, the 48 hour time in which the Sit & Go Madness runs will be broken up into two-hour blocks.  That means there will be 24 blocks of time.  Now each two-hour time block will have a leaderboard for each of the four groups and there will also be an overall leaderboard for each group.

The first way to win is to place within the top 7 positions on any of the leaderboards running for the two hour segments.  The higher you place on the leaderboard, the higher your prize!  Group D also has the highest payouts, which make sense because of the higher stakes.

The second way to win is by placing on one of the overall leaderboards for one of the groups.  Placement on the overal leaderboard is determined by a player’s best performance in any of the two-hour time blocks.  In otherwords, the points earned during the two-hour time blocks will not accumulate to determine the overall leaderboards.  For example, if a player earns 150 points during one time block, but earns 200 in another, only the 200 points counts for the overall leaderboard.  The top two finishers on the overall leaderboards from each group will meet to compete in a $5k sit & go freeroll on Saturday, January 17th at 16:30 ET.  Here, the top three finishers will be paid with prizes.

The third way to win is by earning raffle tickets to enter drawings for entry into FullTilt Poker events and poker gear from the FullTilt Store.  Raffle tickets are awarded to players that win any qualifying sit & go during Sit & Go Madness.  A total of 1,081 prizes will be raffled off!

Don’t miss out on a chance to win some cash with FullTilt’s Sit & Go Madness!  Don’t have an account?  Don’t worry!  Just click on any of these links to get started!  It’s that simple!