So I’m reading a couple of poker blogs, reading the eBook Comedy of Errors and listening to comments (for some reason though, comments don’t show on the blog… not sure if it is the moderation or not, anyone with a blog here want to help me out with that?)

 Anyway, I know I’m playing too many hands.  I know I’m limping in with crap.  But let me start with a couple of explanations, yesterday I played two games and watched the crap build and build while good players kept getting knocked out.  I agree at these low levels real players are few and far between, the draw outs are too many, etc.

So maybe I need to try a new level. 

I get a lot of advice to stay super-tight and only play pocket rockets (A’s for those new to poker) and K’s if I have a clear idea that I can get down to a heads up showdown.  I also hear that I can play down to A-10 or K-j when in position, but be ready to dump them.

 This is all good advice… BUT.

I’m playing in $1 SNGs mostly, and here is how it plays out.

I sit through a number of hands, watching some donks like me get knocked out, biding my time until a good hand comes up.  This usually happens about one hand out of the first four sets of blinds… so I am starting with 1500 chips, maybe into the fourth blind I’m sitting around 1600 or 1700 chips, as I’ve suffered through some BB and SB bets that are forced but I can’t follow through on them as I know they are beat out.

So here I sit, 9 players has turned to 5 and sometimes 6.  I have a 1600 or so chip stack, blinds are 50/100 and I’m playing tight.  When I get a hand I get aggressive but the hands don’t come.  Next comes some more play from the others and maybe I’m on the bubble… against stacks numbering 3000 and above, and I’ve started to loosen a bit, down to A-9 sooted or good high connectors (9-10 sooted or above) and I might have a shot at some hands, but I keep getting overbet.  My only option here appears to be throwing all in if I get to a flop that is decent… my starting bets are usually 4xBB if appropriate, though that is 1/4 of my stack.

 So, any thoughts on that situation or how I improve it?

(And someone help me with the comments not showing up here)