Wheeee it’s time for a blog. I’m 19, a student of percussion at college :D, oh and I suck at poker.

November was terrible for me.  It was such a potentially good month but as the 2k roll I needed to move up to 100NL got closer, I decided to cash out $700  to buy a new TV and  waste some money on beer.  Then I spewed consitently trying  to regain those losses and BOOM, I’m down to 1K again. I want to sort that out this month. This is srs bisness.

My first session of the month (today) was a quick 1k hands at 7bb/100 for a nice $100 profit, 9 tabling 50NL. I will also 20+ table sitngos on stars for fun, and occasionally play MTTs. But, I must get my 2k roll, preferably by the 19th of December when I go home (my parents know nothing of my degeneracy.) So, that’s the intro to my blog, I going for another 1k hands today. Wish me luck!