Just yesterday, the five members of the Nevada Gaming Commission unanimously agreed to give South Point Casino a license to legally operate a real-money, intrastate poker website.  The event is historic because it marks the first time that a license of this sort has ever been issued by any of America’s fifty states.

After awarding a license to South Point, the Nevada Gaming Commission also agreed to issue the country’s second operator’s license to Reno’s Monarch Interactive, Inc.  Global Cash Access, Inc. received a license from the Gaming Commission allowing the company, which currently provides credit and ATM services in physical gambling establishments, to also perform payment services online. 

It has been speculated that Global Cash Access will perform payment services for South Point once its real-money website is up and running. According to various sources, including “The Las Vegas Review-Journal,” South Point Poker’s chief operating officer, Lawrence Vaughan, claims he is “optimistic that they would launch sometime in October.”

Unlike its competitors, South Point has developed its own real-money gaming software which still must be vetted by one of the Independent Testing Labs Nevada contracted to investigate the technology that licensed interactive gaming suppliers have developed.  Even though South Point already operates a play-money poker website, the technology it will use on its real-money site is different from what it currently uses on its play-money website.