Tournament players all around the world are currently going crazy for the great value being offered to them by the generous tournament organizers at Bovada Poker. Although the main part of the latest FTOPS is now complete, the fun is far from over. We are currently in the midst of Mini FTOPS XVIII, once again giving tournament players the chance to prove their might and scoop some great cash prizes. Event 11 finished in the early hours of this morning, with speedyDest standing as the victor.

The Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series is a series of poker tournaments that always follows FTOPS, offering exactly the same events, but at a smaller buy-in so that everybody may participate, regardless of bankroll. While the buy-ins are always markedly smaller, normally by about a factor of ten, the guaranteed prize pools are still very lucrative, making these tournaments great for players of all abilities. We’re currently in the middle of MiniFTOPS XVIII, and there are bound to be more in the future.

Event 11 was a knockout tournament, which means that on each player’s head there is a bounty. So every time you send somebody to the rail, you receive an instant cash prize, in this case to the tune of two dollars. 28,363 players turned out for the event, making it the most popular Mini FTOPS event so far, and generating a $283,630 prize pool, easily in excess of the $250,000 guarantee. 3,240 of the hopefuls made it into the money, and it took just over twelve hours before the first place prize was finally claimed.

While the first place prize was indeed eventually claimed, it was not the full sum going by Full Tilt’s prize pool distribution. Instead, as over half of the final table were eliminated and only four players remained, SpeedyDest, Nefertiti1988, Hahasiah and FERACES7 decided to come to a deal and have a four-way chop. Full Tilt requires that, even in the event of a chop, the players play out until one winner, and when this was done it was SpeedyDest who took down the tournament, also thereby earning himself the largest payout of anyone involved, to the tune of $34,707.87.

The other players were also rewarded handsomely, and it could very well be your name in articles such as this one if you head along to Full Tilt Poker promptly. We’re not even halfway through this current MiniFTOPS yet, meaning there are still plenty of tournaments to play, plenty of first places to hand out, and most importantly, a seriously large amount of cash that still needs to be distributed among able tournament players.