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Just read this old post by soah from 2+2:

It’s about varying flop bet sizes – it’s nothing advanced or groundbreaking, but posts like these (including the other posters comments) helps me to think activily about my game. I think we all know the situations where we mindlessly just throw out a 2/3-3/4 potsized bets without even thinking about why we are betting this exact amount. (like stated in Professional NLHE Volume 1 page 27  it’s almost never a big mistake to bet 2/3 of the pot postflop, but other bet sizes will often be more +EV).

Played only 700 hands today and I’m starting out being down ~1 buyin. Pretty bad considering that I could well be up over $300 if I hadnt been doing a lot of retarded plays and calls. Especially on the calling side I do waaaay to many retarded things. The thing is, I feel I’ve become a very competent pokerplayer over the years and I have the skills to make a lot of money in this game (at least at NL100/200), but my mindset isn’t right. I make to many retarded plays and calls, and it’s because I often don’t think the hand through before calling or because I’m on slight tilt and just say “FUCK IT, I CALL/RAISE”.

To combat this I’ve decided to do a little ritual before every session I play. I will stand in front of the mirror and say to myself:

  • I will play the best poker possible in this session
  • I won’t make any calls before thinking the hand through and making the right decision
  • I wont make any fancy/tricky bluffs unless I have a very good read on my opponent

This might sound a bit stupid, but I need something to get my mindset right when I’m playing, and this might just be solution. I will update you later on how this works out.

Hands played: 677.

Bankroll:  $2907