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Hi Everyone,

I’m not new to the blog world but I am new to the poker world.  My friends and I would play basement games here and there and I’d do ok, but they jumped online and started playing, then got me into Full Tilt Poker and I’ve been online for about 2 months. 

 So to bring you up to speed, I started just joining in with them on $1 buy in games, little tournaments to get my feet wet (and to spend the $10 they put into the system for me).  After playing badly for a couple of them I went to play money and played a number of stand alone tables, which I did ok at.  Often I played these very tight, hanging onto my play money as much as possible.  This quickly became boring so I started checking out other tournaments.  I began to play in play money SNG’s and found them to be more fun.

I took the plunge in early December, putting in $50 for my starting bankroll.  Not ambitious I know but I’m not a high roller… you could call my blog ‘low rolling donk’ based on the lingo I picked up a day or two ago.

 Anyway, I’ve been playing for over a month now, have $21 left in my bankroll, have played about 50 $1 SNG’s, a few $2 SNGs and about 5 $3.00 buy in Turbo Knockout tourneys with 90 players.

My record isn’t good.  I thought it was better than it was, but I’ve only won a few SNG’s and never placed in a knockout tourney though I have made it right to the bubble.

My standard playing style is too tight, ultra conservative and not knowing when to throw down.  I have been studying the Beginners digest here, the videos that I felt applied and have started getting active in the forums.

Now down to the meat of the post… or the blog… or well… whatever:

I’m starting over.  Here begins my new poker life.  I want to get better at this game, hold my own in the low stakes tables to begin with, then start improving to slightly higher stakes.  I don’t see me going to the $16 dollar or $32 dollar tables right now, maybe never.  But I want to get to where I can confidently sit down at a $1 to $5 SNG game and know I’m coming out ahead.

So this will be my journal of games, wins, losses, lessons learned and how I’ve done.  I am going to start with my meager $21 bankroll and see if I can make it through some good SNG’s and increase that number.  I’m going to try to apply the hints, tips and strategy you all might be willing to help me with.  I’ve ordered Harrington on Hold’Em and will start reading, updating as I go. 

My plan so far: play the $21 as a learning experience, low entry fee tourneys and log my hands along the way.  If I have to deposit in again, deposit in another $50.

My goal for February: Place in top 3 in at least 33% of SNG’s entered in February.

Let’s see what happens, and for all you low $ guys who found FTR and stumbled to this blog… let’s grow together and start slamming these donks, since I definately am one and want to change that.

See you at the tables.