The highly anticipated Event 24 took place yesterday, a $20+$2 No Limit Hold’em Cashout tournament hosted by Eddy Scharf. The guaranteed prize pool was $60,000, but only 5,296 players participated, creating an overlay of $7,040. Everyone started with 5,000 chips at 10/20 blinds. Early on the blind levels were 10 minutes, but as usual for these events, eventually they became 15 minutes long.

Like Rush tournaments, Cashout tournaments are exclusive to Full Tilt Poker. Half of your buy-in goes into the prize pool and the other half goes into the cashout pool. If, at any given time, you have at least 10% of your original starting stack, you can choose to cashout your chips. 500 chips are worth $1. The money is deposited into your account and your chips are removed from the tournament. You can also choose to do partial cashouts in increments of 500 chips. If you are eliminated before you get the chance to cash anything out, you just get paid a prize pool amount depending on when you bust.

Something else to note is that once the final table forms, everyone automatically receives their share of the remaining cashout pool according to their chip stacks. Here were the stacks when the final table formed and their corresponding cashout amounts:

1 – Cwolf913 – 4,261,980 – $8,524.01
2 – Rhyno89 – 2,501,620 – $5,003.29
3 – ZiuPavel – 2,296,340 – $4,592.73
4 – Purple Tello – 1,774,484 – $3,549.01
5 – Sujiru Kifuja – 1,502,861 – $3,005.77
6 – blankz plz – 1,395,996 – $2,792.03
7 – HhCMotU23 – 1,304,080 – $2,608.20
8 – BigMOneySundays – 821,021 – $1,642.08
9 – JustShipIt77 – 612,746 – $1,225.53

The first bust occurred during the first blind level of the final table. The short stack, JustShipIt77, decided to go all in for his remaining stack with 58s in early position, and Cwolf913 made the call with AJs. JustShipIt77 could not get lucky and he was eliminated for $762.

It didn’t take long for the next knock out. Purple Tello had gotten short, and during the same blind level he decided to push in late position with 88. He unfortunately ran into Rhyno89’s AA, did not find help from the board cards, and left the tournament in 8th place for $1,128.

HhCMotu23 busted out 7th for $1,590 after running QJo into Sujiru Kifuja’s AKs, so now let’s fast forward to 6-handed action. Blinds were up to 60k/120k with a 15k ante. Cwolf913 min raised UTG and got 3-bet by Sujiru Kifuja on the button to 622,520. Cwolf913 4-bet pushed his remaining 3,596,588 with JJ and was disappointed when Sujiru Kifuja quickly called with AA. Cwolf913 busted the tournament in 6th place for $2,226.

At this point, Sujiru Kifuja turned on his beast mode switch and started crushing the table. First he busted blanks plz blind versus blind with 99 versus blanks plz’s K8o. blanks plz received $3,000 for 5th place. Then Sujiru Kifuja called Rhyno89’s push with ATs and held versus Rhyno89’s A7o. Rhyno89 was eliminated in 4th for $3,960.

And Sujiru Kifuja wasn’t done yet – he wanted another elimination before heads-up play took place. BigMoneySundays, who pushed A9o 3-handed, would become his next victim. Sujiru Kifuja called with KQs and outran the A9o, and BigMoneySundays earned $5,340 for 3rd place.

With so many eliminations, it’s not surprising that Sujiru Kifuja started with a huge chip lead: 14,457,011 to ZiuPavel’s 2,014,117. ZiuPavel worked his way up, however, and soon he outstacked Sujiru Kifuja by a small margin. This led the way to the biggest hand of the night. ZiuPavel raised in the SB and called a 3-bet. Sujiru Kifuja made a continuation bet on the flop and called when ZiuPavel raised him. Then Sujiru Kifuja checked the turn and called when ZiuPavel jammed:

ZiuPavel’s tournament was pretty much over after his failed bluff. A few hands later he got the rest of his chips in behind and finally busted in 2nd for $7,800. Congratulations to Sujiru Kifuja for winning the 1st place prize of $11,100! Please see below for a full list of final table cashes, and be sure to come back to FTR for more MiniFTOPS coverage.

1 – Sujiru Kifuja – $11,100
2 – ZiuPavel – $7,800
3 – BigMoneySundays – $5,340
4 – Rhyno89 – $3,960
5 – blanks plz – $3,000
6 – Cwolf913 – $2,226
7 – HhCMotu23 – $1,590
8 – Purple Tello – $1,128
9 – JustShipIt77 – $762