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Today I played 4.58 hours of 50nl for 2508 hands and -$66.35. I’m hesitant to even list hands like I normally do because it’s going to sound like a bad beat post, but here we go:

Biggest Losers:

1. KK loses to AA aipf, -$58.
2. This hand came after I’d lost 3 stacks in about a 15 minute period and I suspect it had something to do with my river decision because I made a really bad mistake in this one. I open 77, guy calls in the BU. Flop comes Q93 with two hearts and goes check check. Turn is 7s, I bet near-pot and he snap calls. River is the Kc and I plan to bet/fold. I bet about 3/4 pot and he shoves about 5 times my bet. I talk myself into calling and he shows JT, -$51.
3. 77 loses to JT AI on 7KJT, -$49.
4. AQ loses to QQ AI on AQ7, -$49.
5. EP opens, MP maniac calls, I 3bet KK, EP folds, MP calls. Flop comes K9T of spades and we get it in, he has A2 of spades, -$45.
6. I open EP with AQ, maniac LP calls. Flop comes AT3, I bet, he minraises, I call. Turn 2 and I check/call. River 2 and I check/call. He shows A2, -$32.

Biggest Winners:

1. I 4-bet KK in EP vs LP. Flop comes 552, I bet like a little less than half-pot he calls. Turn A, I check/call and he has JJ, +$48.
2. This loose regular I tangle with on a regular basis open completes SB with me in the BB and I check. I have T7o against his 75o on 83774, +$47.
3. Guy limp/calls QQ in EP and calls three including a river shove on 34J46, except I have AA, +$46.
4. I 3-bet in position with AK against the guy from hand #2, he calls. Flop comes 984r, check check. Turn is a 9, he bets pot, I call. River is the Kh, he bets, I call. He shows AQ, +$37.
5. EP opens, I 3-bet in MP with KcKd, another MP short stack 33/15 or something losing player calls, EP calls. Flop comes A43 with two clubs. EP checks, I check, short-stack shoves something like $18 into $15, EP folds, I call, he has TT, +$26.

I’m probably going to play 50nl for the rest of the month. I’ll probably outline why later, but right now I’ll probably make more money and be happier at 50nl with the set of things I’m working on.