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Today I played 2.93 hours for 1756 hands and $38.80. Here are the biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. Open KQs in EP, semi-loose crazy in LP guy calls. I c-bet KJ2 two-tone, he raises and I decide it would be a great idea to stack off against 22, -$52.
2. AK loses to AA aipf, -$50.
3. EP opens, MP calls, I 3-bet KK in LP, both players call. The flop comes QQT, check through flop, turn comes a 4, EP bets, MP folds, I call. River comes another 4 and I call a bet, EP has Q9s, -$31.

Biggest Winners:

1. I 3-bet AA in BU, BB calls, PFR calls. Flop comes T75r, we check through. Turn comes another T, BB checks, PFR thinks a minute and bets, I call, BB calls. River comes a K, checks to me, I bet, BB calls with AK(?!) and PFR folds, +$54.
2. AA v QQ in 3-bet pot, +$53.
3. Flopped set stacks off on the flop against a gutshot + FD, +$50.
4. I 3-bet AA IP and Villain calls. Flop comes QQ6r and Villain check/raises to about 2.5x on the flop and I call. The turn comes a 5 and I call a bet. The river is another 5 and Villain check/calls his last $20 with TT, +$48.

I got out of bed early like I’d hoped to, but my morning session was pretty bad. I had a really hard time focusing and my thoughts were constantly scattered. I’ve got some ideas on why this happened but it’s not particularly interesting. I also did another video today (with working audio, yay) showing how to do the advanced color-coding stuff in PT3 (link).