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Today I played 3.02 hours of cash for 1801 hands and $44.75. Additionally, I played a half-dozen or so $5.50 and $11 MTSNGs tonight for a profit of $23. Here are my biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. I called a 5-bet shove in LP v BB with AQo, ran into AK, -$50. I think planning to stack off was a mistake since I was acting off of stats from a really small sample.
2. UTG opens, I call in UTG+1 with KK, it folds around. Flop comes 974r and I call a bet, turn makes the board 9745r and I call a bet, and he check/calls a 9 river with AA, -$35.
3. KK loses to AA aipf, -$30.

Biggest Winners:

1. AK v AT ai on 74AJ, +$52.
2. AK v AT aipf, +$40.
3. Flop 44 v 22 on 742, +$35.
4. Monster suckout, 66 beats TT all-in on 5KT6 via 1-outer, +$27.

Session Focus: 4/5, I stayed pretty well-focused today except during my donkaments this evening
Poker Development: 1/5, I didn’t study or anything today because I spent half of the day playing taxi
Personal Development: 4/5, I did a lot of reading and a few things fell into place today
Happiness: 3/5, About average, stayed fairly content while spending about 5 hours straight in the car reading
Stress: 3/5, Below average for most of the day, then Michelle had an episode during her ballet class

Recently I’ve had trouble getting focused in the mornings when I get up, and I realized that every time I’ve went a long period where I could get up early and get going and play poker in the mornings on a regular basis the first thing I always did was take a shower. I tried that this morning, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t wide awake after I got out. I’ve been getting sleepy in the early afternoons as well, so I’m allowing myself an extra 30-60 minutes of sleep or so to see how that does.

I’m putting a lot of the mental game pieces back together. The strongest I’ve ever been mentally from a performance perspective was when I was 16 and was really serious about getting stronger at chess. It sort of fell apart on me in the year after that since I had to basically stop playing because of life stuff, but I think I’m starting to get it back together now.

Today I started playing slightly longer sessions, though the second one was interrupted and this evening I didn’t feel like playing cash games. Every 2-3 weeks I’m going to increase the length of my sessions by about 200 hands. Until today I was aiming for 800 hands per session, and now I’m aiming for 1000. When 12-tabling full ring with no fast tables, that comes to about 1.75 hours. My goal with this is to get back to being able to hold my A game for 3-4 hours straight on a daily basis using incremental progress.