I played something like 30 minutes, had trouble getting started on a lot of tables so that was only like 150-200 hands, got coolered twice for stacks and decided to take the day off and work on other stuff. So today I started reading Ed Miller’s Small Stakes NL, and I also worked on some HUD-related stuff by changing my preflop stats pop-up to listing positions. I made a thread about it here https://flopturnriver.com/pokerforum/pokertracker-3-and-the-great-custom-hudscapades-t88021.html

Other than that, there’s not a lot going on. I had a bit of a manic episode this evening, and I feel like I’m going to crash sometime in the next 36 hours, so I’ve got that to look forward to. Also, I discovered that I need to pay more attention to my hourly scheduling ahead of time. I stayed up until like 3 am last night, not realizing that Michelle had a chiropractor’s appointment this morning and I didn’t set my alarm clock for early enough for me to get up and play a session, along with time to prepare and whatnot.

I’m [re]figuring out some cool mental stuff, so maybe I’ll post about that sometime.

For now, I’m going to go take a quick shower and get to sleep. Michelle’s got therapy at 2 pm, and I need to get in two sessions before we leave to go there. Say we leave at 1:15 pm right at the end of a session, then I have to start my second session around 11:45 am. I want an hour break between my sessions, so that puts my first session as ending around 10:45 am, which means it has to start around 9:15 am. I need time for breakfast and meditation and some reading before I play, so we’ll shoot for 7:30 am.