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Today was a busy day and I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I managed 4.75 hours (though about 10-15 minutes of that or so was HUD testing) for 2493 hands and $236.40. Here are the biggest pots:

Biggest Losers:

1. 33 loses to 44 on 345 monotone in a 3-bet pot, -$41.
2. Semi-shortstack loose fish minraises in EP, I call in LP with AJs. Flop comes 984 giving me a flush draw. He bets about 3x into a pot of 5x, I slightly over-bet the pot and he calls. The turn is a Jack and he donks out 7x. I shove the remaining 40x or so (about pot), he calls with QT and I miss my flush, -$32.
3. I 4-bet bluffed a guy and c-bet the flop when I missed. Pretty standard spot, -$22.
4. I flop QJ2 with QJ against AQ, board runs out QJ22A and I check behind on the river, -$18.

Biggest Winners:

1. 99 beats JJ on 937 two-tone in a 3-bet pot, +$56.
2. Villain is a guy who does a lot of weird (read dumb) stuff and my impression is he’s a losing player. I open AK in EP, he calls in blinds, I flop TPTK on a two-tone board. I bet, he calls. The turn is a blank and he check/shoves a flush draw. I snap it off and he misses the river, +$50.
3. 55 beat A8 on A85. I don’t feel sorry for him because he called a nit’s EP raise, +$42.
4. Villain posts a dead big blind in LP, there are a couple of limpers, he checks, button folds, I raise with AA, limpers fold, he shoves 70bb with T9s and misses, +$33.
5. QQ beats K7 on 752r in a raised pot, +$28.

Today I took Michelle to therapy, built a small bookshelf so hopefully I can get most of my books out of storage, did a short post in the BC about some blocker topics (link), and figured out some cool stuff in PT3. Additionally, during my last session I was starting to go into autopilot and/or go braindead, so I decided to wake myself up with this: It’s something I might try more often because it seemed to work pretty well.

Tomorrow is Michelle’s birthday. She’s gotten her present(s) already, ballet attire, ballet classes and a camera. I’ve got something planned for tonight that she doesn’t know about.