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Today I played only 1.95 hours for 1068 hands and $67.10. The lower volume was because today was my girlfriend’s birthday. There weren’t as many big pots, but here they are:

Biggest Losers:

1. I called an LP open with 66 and decided it would be a neat idea to check/raise the flop and fire the turn and river on T84TJ, -$52. I think the river was misplayed, but I was okay with the rest of the hand I think.
2. I flop a set and pot the flop and the turn, guy called down with a gutshot and hit on the river, where he had about the pot left or so, -$25.
3. Ran 99 into JJ on an undercard board, -$22.

Biggest Winners:

1. KT beats K3o (guy called my LP open in the blinds) on 3T4K5, +$47.
2. A guy who had been shoving about 40bb repeatedly preflop ran A5s into my AQs, +$22.
3. I triple-barreled a missed AK and took it down on the river. I was really thrilled about my focus and clarity during this hand and didn’t really care about the result, +$21.

That’s really about it for today. Tomorrow I’m back to my regular schedule.