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Today I played 3.25 hours for 1824 hands and $129.65. Here are the biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. Nut flush loses to a set all-in on the flop, -$51.
2. Set under set in a raised pot all-in on the flop, -$50.
3. I call a 3-bet with AJs in position. The flop comes A96r and I call a bet. Turn T hit his TT and I get stacked, -$50.
4. A guy limp/calls and I fire two barrels in position with QQ on K6J6 with two spades on the flop. He had KT, -$21.
5. I turn two pair against a flopped better two pair that checked the flop in a raised pot, -$20.

Biggest Winners:

1. I 4-bet with QQ and the guy from losing hand #3 above calls with AQo in position. I bet like $13 into a pot of $33 on a flop of 752 two-tone and he shoves, +$52.
2. Turned flush over flush, though to be fair he called a raise preflop OOP with 63s, +$52.
3. I 3-bet bluff a guy in position with K5s, he calls, I flop a flush, he c/r ships with QQ + fd and is drawing slim, +$51.
4. I call a raise IP with AQs, flop a flush on Kxx, call flop bet, turn is a blank, I raise his 2nd barrel and he stacks off with TPTK, +$51.
5. Villain limp/calls OOP against my KK, calls two streets on 6TQ3, shoves 5 river for about 1/3 pot, shows 64o, +$29.

I recorded the majority of my first session for an hour-long video that can be downloaded via Megaupload here. Additionally, I did a lot of reading today, and also found a potentially dangerous bug in PokerStars’ client (which I reported obviously) that I was a bit surprised hadn’t been found/exploited/fixed yet.