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Today I had a pretty full schedule. I played a short session this morning first thing. My girlfriend had an appointment at a hospital for an ultrasound (not pregnancy-related, and no she’s not pregnant) at 11 am then we had to go straight to her dentist about 45 minutes from there for an appointment at 1 pm followed by another appointment with her dentist at 3:30 pm. I left around 10 am and got home around 5:30 pm. I had to tend to her for an hour or so after we got home, so I didn’t get to start playing until around 7 pm or so. I got in 2.85 hours of play total today for 2021 hands and $74.20.

The three biggest pots that I lost today were QQ v AA aipf, flopped two pair against top set for 60bb, and top set of Aces where I bet 3 streets of value and got called (?) the second nut flush that got there on the river when we had about the pot behind. The three biggest pots that I won today where QQ v 8x on 82739 for 100bb, a hand where I raised a flop c-bet with a gutshot and an overcard and got a free card and hit on the river for stacks, then a hand where I turned a flush and got it in against a set.

I didn’t make the amount of hands I needed to stay on pace to keep my Supernova VIP status (which is basically a higher % of rakeback than lower levels) but I have the next three days with nothing that I have to go do for my girlfriend so hopefully I’ll get ahead.

Something else I’ve been working on is keeping an eye on how much my girlfriend and I eat out since the food bill is definitely somewhere that I could save some serious money. This morning we got some breakfast at McDonalds for $3.50, then for lunch she had some Japanese for $5.87 and I had Cook Out (this local hot dog/hamburger chain) for $4.54 for a total of $13.91.