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This is going to be quick because I forgot to do this last night. I played 4.47 hours for 3463 hands and a profit of a whopping $6.50. At one point I was down almost 4 buy-ins, so I’m okay with that. Here is a quick look at my biggest winners and biggest losers from yesterday:

Biggest Losers:

1. 88 v QQ on 8TQJJ for a full buy-in. Nothing I could do here.
2. AK v AA v KK aipf for a full buy-in. I probably should have folded this one and saved myself something like $45. There was a minraise in EP, then a call in MP, then I 3-bet to 9x in the CO and the SB 4-bet to 29x, followed by EP 5-betting.
3. I apparently stacked off with AJ v 55 on A95K after calling an LP preflop raise and calling the flop bet. On the turn he bet small and there was a flush draw so I raised and he 3-bet me. I probably should have just folded to the 3-bet since these people don’t do that with worse than AJ hardly ever there. Could have saved myself around $35.
4. Tough spot. Guy minraises in SB and I call in BB with Q8s. Flop top two pair, he bets flop, I raise, and he calls. The turn makes the board 85Q9 and puts two spades out there. He check/minraises and I call, then he bets the river and I call and he shows 76s for the straight. He should have gotten more out of me on the river. What I dislike here is that I didn’t consider 76s being in his turn range, so that’s a mistake to learn from.

Biggest Winners:

1. KK v 75 on 5KT5 against a guy who was floating. Picked up a little more than a stack here.
2. 22 v Q9s on 2772 where he had a flush draw. I could have played this better if I knew he had a flush draw because I made him call getting only 3:1 on the turn (yes he called off 50bb on the turn). This was for a stack.
3. AA v QJs where I was 4-bet and just called preflop, then we stacked off on 7T6J. This was also for a stack.
4. I squeeze in position with KJs and the guy in the middle (who is pretty loose and was suspectedly retarded at the moment) calls. He fires on 73J and I call. Turn is a K and he shoves with A9 for a flopped flush draw. This was another stack.
5. QQ > KK all-in preflop.

Yesterday we went through Taco Bell for my girlfriend and through Hardee’s for myself for $6.81 and $6.82, respectively, for a total of $13.63 on eating out. I need to remind myself here to never ever ever ever buy drinks at fast-food places.