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Today I played 3.08 hours for 2379 hands and $259.80. I was down two buy-ins after like 400 hands then ran like god. Here are the big hands from today:

Biggest Losers:

1. CO opens, I call with AK OTB to trap SB who is being pretty crazy with 3/4/5-betting. He 3-bets on the large side as planned and I shove over to avoid f’ed up situations where he calls a 4-bet and I miss the flop and cry. He has KK and I lose a buy-in.
2. I call with AK in position against a nit, flop comes KJ3 rainbow and I call a bet. Turn comes a 9 and I get check-raised. I probably should have folded and saved around $40, but I called and called a shove on the river and he showed 99 for a turned set. I lost a buy-in here.
3. This hand was really gay. Maniac opens in EP, MP calls, I 3-bet QQ from the BB, he calls and MP folds. I bet enough on the flop that he can’t call profitably with a flush draw, but he does (T2s ftw) and hits on the turn. I lost 60bb.

Biggest Winners:

1. KK v AK aipf for a buy-in against OMGBentley.
2. I squeeze with AK OOP and get called twice. I miss the flop but this guy bets like 1/20th of the pot so I call. Turn is an A and we get it in. He has AQ and I take down a buy-in.
3. Wannabe lagg raises the flop against me when I’m OOP with JJ on 984r. Turn is a T, river is a Q. He had 99. Ship it.
4. Retard calls a raise preflop with A4 against my AK. Flop comes K64 and he calls a bet. Turn A and I stack him.
5. TT v JJ AI on T74 for a buy-in.

I didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked today because of an unplanned 5-6 hour trip to the ER. Something good came out of it though because they finally figured out what has been making my girlfriend’s side hurt so much — mild constipation. I’ve already ran out of shit jokes.

We probably wouldn’t have eaten out at all today if it wasn’t for the hospital trip. We ended up getting a Pepsi out of a machine for $1.25 and something at Cook Out for $5.97 for a total of $7.22.