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Today I played 2.52 hours for 1658 hands and -$258.95. I was very unhappy with my level of focus today. Here are the big hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. Nut flush draw plus two overs against a pair all-in on the flop in a 3-bet pot. I lost 99bb, and was a slight favorite.
2. I thought it would be great to stack off with AQ preflop against AA with no reads when I was 3-bet. I think I did similar in another hand. I lost 85bb here.
3. Villain limp/calls oop and donks a 992r board. I call the flop and turn with KK. The board runs out 99266 and he has 65s. I lost 70bb here.
4. I made a bet/call with AK v KQ on KTQ4K when the flop was monotone. I told myself I was bet/folding then talked myself into calling. He had KQ and I lost 58bb. Could have saved myself $31 by folding.

Biggest Winners:

1. Guy calls two streets with a flush draw and hits on the river. The board was JT5TA and I had AT. Ship 103bb. I liked my flop value bet.
2. I isolate a guy with 64s in position, c-bet a gutshot and get called, take my free card and hit on the river and he stacks off with his short stack. I won 63bb here.
3. I call a minraise with JTs, flop a gutshot plus flush draw, raise his c-bet and he calls. The turn gave me the flush, and he check/raised and folded to a shove. I picked up 55bb here.

We didn’t eat out or anything today, and I feel bad so I’m going to bed.