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Note: This entry got screwed up because you have to put in a special code thing to use less-than signs and so it ate like half my post.

Today I played 3.13 hours for 1812 hands and $60.50. While I was somewhat satisfied with my play today, I’m not very satisfied with my level of focus. Here are the big hands from the day:

Biggest Losers:
1. I call an MP open in LP with QQ trying to trap a guy who is squeezing a ton. My trap attempt fails and the flop comes 236 with two clubs and I stack off against 22, -$100.
2. AhKh < 8h7h on 6s2h4h, -$99.
3. AJ gets sucked out on against A6 on Axxx6 and I go -$38 since the river completed a flush and I only called his small bet on the river instead of raising.

Biggest Winners:
1. AQ > T9s aipf. AFChung was watching this hand too and I think he was about to crap his pants when I opened and said I was stacking off if that guy 3-bet me. +$117
2. AA > KK in a 3-bet pot for +$100.
3. Call with a flush draw plus gutshot on the flop 3-way and hit gin for the straight-flush on the turn. Got in two bets against AA for +$75.

I’m in a decent enough situation right now where I won’t have to withdraw so much that I have to avoid playing 100nl or whatever. It sounds like where I was about two months ago until I decided that pretending I don’t have a fold button would be a great idea and lost like $2k in a week.