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I went to bed around 7 this morning after working on something non-poker related all night in a bit of a manic episode, and as a result I’ve felt pretty bad today. Add in a doctor’s appointment and a ballet class for Michelle and I didn’t play very much today: 2.35 hours for 1356 hands and -$241.15. Here are the biggest hands:

Biggest Losers:

1. 88 v TT on 8TK. I almost folded this on the flop because I was the PFR and there were 3 callers. I’m second to act and bet the flop, then the next guy to act who was like 14/10 or something and fairly passive raises about the pot and it folds around to me. I really do think this was a fold the more I think about it. I lost 100bb here.
2. In a 3-bet pot with QQ on 876 with two hearts against a range close to {AQs, AK, TT+} I bet two streets around 1bb less than half pot and got called twice, the river was an A which hit AK. I lost 46bb here.
3. I open AA in EP, two callers. Flop comes K98 with two clubs and I have the Ac. I bet and a solid non-tricky regular calls. Turn is the Js and I’m thinking bet/fold all day. I bet, he raises, I fold. I lost 35bb in this one.

Biggest Winners:

1. EP opens, I 3-bet KK in MP, and an LP aggrodonk calls, EP folds. Flop comes Q62 and this guy is betting like almost any two cards seriously if I check here so I check/wait a min and call. Turn comes a K and I quickly check. He checks and the river comes a 3. I bet like 2/3-4/5 pot and he snaps with TT. Ship 69bb here.
2. AK vs flush draw on Axx. I bet, he raises, I call. Turn comes a blank and I check/call. River is a Q that misses the flush and I check looking to check/call again. He pauses then checks QJ for the flush draw. I picked up 48bb in this hand.
3. J8 bet bet bets on 87285 and Villain folds the river. I won 33bb in this one.

I’ll have to play something like 5500 hands over the next two days to maintain Supernova, which isn’t very much at all as long as I get in the bed tonight and don’t screw around wasting time tomorrow and Friday.