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Today I played 3.57 hours for 2010 hands and -$109.85. Here are the big hands:

Biggest Losers
1. QQ v KK aipf for -100bb.
2. AA < KK+fd ai on JT32 for -100bb.
3. A hand against takesix I played really terribly on the flop and turn, then made a misclick on the river. He opens CO, I call in BU with QJo, blinds fold. Flop comes QJ7r. He bets, I raise, he 3-bets, I should have shoved but I call. Turn is As aka the worst card in the deck. I can probably fold to a bet here. He bets, I call (wtf) and the river is a T. I say eff it I’m folding if he shoves, then mashed call by way of misclicking on another window. He had AQ, and -100bb for me.
4. AKs < KK aipf for -50bb.

Biggest Winners:
1. I isolate a limper in LP with 98s and get called once by a blind and once by the limper. Flop comes KT7r giving me an OESD. The blind bets like 1/3 pot, the limper calls, and I call getting odds out the wazoo. Turn is the 6c aka the best card in the deck for me. Blind bets the same amount he bet on the flop which is like 1/6 of the pot by now, limper raises almost pot, and I shove 3x his bet wondering if I’m freerolling a different 98. He calls with 77 and I stack him for +111bb.
2. KK vs an overplayed AJ on Jxx for 98bb.
3. I open AK in MP, a loose semi-short stacked blind calls, and I value town him for his stack with AK v A3 on A522Q. I went +49bb here.

Tomorrow I have to finish renewing my Supernova VIP status which is going to suck because that’s going to be like 3500 hands or something.