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Today was basically cooler hell. I lost something like $550 over 4500 hands and 8 hours or something, but I’m not entirely sure because a HH or two that I know happened aren’t showing up in PT3 or the HHs when I request them, and I think it’s because I crashed the PokerStars client with a broken AHK script before the hands were finished but after the money was in. I played about 2000 hands short-stacking today (of which I finished something like +$50) to hurry up and get the VPPs I needed since I very much underestimated how many hands it was going to take today. Here are some big hands in no particular order.

Biggest Losers:

1. 22 loses to 88 on T82, -$105.
2. QT loses to KJ on QT9, -$100.
3. T5 loses to 22 on T52, -$100.
4. AQ loses to KK aipf against a maniac, -$100.
5. I squeeze with KQ, semi-fish in the middle calls, he donks 985 and calls a shove with 54, -$90.
6. I bet flop and turn hard with AA on Ks6hTh2cKh and check/fold the river with about $45 behind, -$55.

Biggest Winners:

1. KK beats QQ in a 3-bet pot, +$101.
2. Guy slowplays his set and allows me to catch a runner flush, +$57.
3. I open QT, super maniac calls IP. I c-bet Qd4h5s flop, he shoves $54, I call and he shows 32o. I hold, +$55.
4. JJ against two short-stacks with 77 and JT all-in on Kc7cJh, +$54.
5. AQ beats 54 AI on AA4, +$50.

Tomorrow I’m starting into a new routine involving things I used to do a lot of then stopped doing once things got complicated with Michelle’s situation. I’m pretty tired right now so I’m going to go to bed.