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That’s right, the most famous tournament in all of online poker on Sunday was gone. Temporarily, that is.

The PokerStars Sunday Million was replaced last Sunday, June 14th, to allow players to make a last ditch effort to qualify for the WSOP Main Event. It played out as a special, $375 buy-in mega satellite in which almost 8000 players participated, 233 of these winning their seat to the prestigious WSOP Main Event which also included spending money and traveling accommodations. It would be interesting to see if one of thee players ends up taking home the whole WSOP Main Event.

As of today, PokerStars has awarded almost 1,400 Main Event seats for this year. Each and every one of the players who won a WSOP Main Event seat via PokerStars also got 100,000 VPPs awarded to their account, instantly giving them SuperNova status (with all of its inherent benefits) that would last for this whole year. Oh, and that is not mentioning that they are all also invited to the PokerStars Party that will be held in Vegas.

But do not lose hope! If you still have not qualified for the WSOP, you still have a few chances left. To find out more about the how and what, please navigate to the Tourney > Satellite > Events tab in your PokerStars client.

Hurry up though. The Main Event is due soon, so be sure to acquire your seat now to have a chance at true greatness!