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Sunday tournament participation continues to waver as the last week before the much anticipated SCOOP series on PokerStars commences.  This past Sunday there was a large amount of big names making deep runs in Sunday Majors.  PokerStars saw a nice increase in attendance in a few majors due to a later starting time of the Warm-Up.  Stars, as always, was thinking about their players when they pushed back times due to day-light savings.

Despite its later time, the Warm-Up still kicked off a great Sunday of tournaments.  A few big names made deep runs including Steve “PiKappRaider” Burkholder, a top-15 ranked tournament professional.  PiKapp has a few three $200,000+ scored to his name, which, needless to say, is extremely impressive.  These wins came in FTOPS and WCOOP events as well as a win in the $1M Guarantee on FullTilt.  PiKapp had to settle for 6th place as he was unable to gain much momentum at the final table.  The championship came down to “bundy604” and “Eham5,” two players with out any four-figure scores to their name.  Bundy604 outlasted Eham5 to take down the title and over $120,000 in first-place money.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $750k Guaranteed
4,722 Entrants; $944,400 prize pool

1. bundy604 $120,883
2. Eham5 $84,524
3. homanga $56,286
4. scarface0928 $47,220
5. profontaine $37,776
6. PiKappRaider $28,332
7. HustlerGrune $18,888
8. skrabukes $11,333
9. Scarer $7,366

The Sunday Million barely reached its guarantee this Sunday, as 7,651 entrants created a prize pool of $1,530,200.  Two big names made deep runs, Shaundeeb and gboro780, two of the biggest names in the MTT world.  Unfortunately, both were unable to make the final table, leaving a bit of a lack-luster group.  Their loss was others’ gain, as “RoxmorE” took down the title after a chop.  The biggest score went to AmirSF who had a big chip-lead at the time of the chop and, even though he finished in 2nd, he won more than $20,000 than the eventual winner.

PokerStars Sunday Million $1.5M Guaranteed
7,651 Entrants; $1,530,200 prize pool

1. RoxmorE $121,664.40
2. AmirSF $142,970.07
3. HuBaer582 $95,744.61
4. ILIOS72 $108,780.23
5. detroitj6 $54,322.10
6. ikszoorn $39,020.10
7. Coconut Soda $26,778.50
8. matt1269 $17,597.30
9. MarleyGroup $10,711.40

The last of the three majors, the Sunday Second Chance, also lacked any big names reaching the final table.  Although not a big name, eventual winner “melikman” is no stranger to success on PokerStars, having won over $400,000 playing tournaments on the site over the past few years for $100,000+ profit. “BobbyFi” finished in 3rd place for nearly $27,000, which is only his 4th best score of his career, well behind two wins in $1,000 buy-ins on PokerStars.

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $250k Guaranteed
1,345 Entrants; $269,000 prize pool

1. melikman $48,850
2. MaltLiquor40 $35,508
3. BobbyFi $26,900
4. jakz101 $20,175
5. JMaster130 $14,123
6. acehighdro $11,433
7. draqq $8,743
8. Believer82 $6,053
9. ZooterFitz $3,766

The $215r saw a bunch of big names make the final table yesterday.  The most well-known name was the eventual champion, “spacegravy,” mostly known for his attempt to win $40,000 in 30 days playing only $55+$5 SNGs on PokerStars.  Spacegravy came up short in that effort, but has since gone back to beating the highest-stakes SNGs and tournaments online.  Other big names to reach the final table were “ra1se,” “ch0ppy,”  and top-ranked Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, widely considered the best tournament player online.

PokerStars $215r $200k Guaranteed
315 Entrants; $223,800 prize pool

1. spacegravy $45,879
2. ra1se $33,570
3. jullle $25,289.40
4. Comandr_Cool $19,023
5. HEMlpowerSWT $13,204.20
6. reloadthis $10,071
7. ch0ppy $7,833
8. Moorman1 $5,595
9. gator93 $3,916.50

The final event on PokerStars was the $500,000 guaranteed Sunday500.  This event, along with the $215r, tends to bring the best fields of the day. A few big names made final table appearances including “derek8,” best known for his runner-up finish to Shaundeeb in last year’s TLB on PokerStars.  The 3rd place finish in this event earned him his best score of $50,000 and took his life-time profit on PokerStars above the $300,000 mark.  “JMProdigy,” winner of the Super Tuesday on Stars, finished in 6th place for $21,250.  “KingKobeMVP” took down the title and over $91,000.  This was his best score since a $60,000+ cash in a WCOOP event last year.

PokerStars Sunday500 $500k Guaranteed
986 Entrants; $500,000 prize pool

1. KingKobeMVP $91,250
2. VuaXi’To $66,450
3. derek8 $50,000
4. Spartanfan87 $37,500
5. Tired Loser $26,250
6. JMPRODIGY $21,250
7. gkap13 $16,250
8. madjoker666 $11,250
9. ILAN17 $7,000

FullTilt, not to be outdone by PokerStars, ran their normal compliment of Sunday Majors including the Brawl, $750k, and Mulligan.  The Brawl is a $240+$16 Knock-Out event which pays $40 to a player for every competitor he/she eliminates in the tournament. Gboro780, who also made a deep run in the Million, made another final table.  His 5th place finish netted him $24,773, a great score for most, but just another nice finish for the highly-ranked professional.  Heads-Up play came down to “lolli82” and “WiLDmAn75,” with lolli82 eventually taking home the crown and over $97,000 in first place money.

FullTilt Sunday Brawl $350k Guaranteed
2,382 Entrants; $476,400 prize pool

1. lolli82 – $97,162
2. WiLDmAn75 $62,885
3. mcc3991 $46,687
4. bokpower $35,254
5. gboro780 $24,773
6. DuckU $16,198
7. Raisin Daisy $10,957
8. paddiewaddie $7,622
9. gerlucker $5,717

For the first time in a while a FullTilt Sponsored Professional had a chance to take home a title.  “Nordberg” entered the final table of the $750k in decent shape but was unable to mount much of a challenge, eventually busting in 7th place for just over $18,000.  The title went to “LudvigA,” a player with out a four-figure score to his name on FullTilt.  It just goes to show that anyone has a chance to win one of these majors, whether they are a well-known professional or a weekend amateur who satellites into big events.  LudvigA takes home nearly $140,000 for the victory.

FullTilt Sunday $750k Guaranteed
3,937 Entrants; $787,400 prize pool

1. LudvigA $139,409
2. flipchik24 $84,252
3. toetagu $55,118
4. BegsClutch $43,464
5. BP7000 $32,598
6. auhoman $24,173
7. Nordberg $18,110
8. Brundaddy $14,173
9. Dman112 $10,551

The final event on the schedule this Sunday was the $200,000 guaranteed Sunday Mulligan.  The appropriately named event gives all plays a final chance to record a big Sunday score, with nearly $60,000 going to first.  Heads-Up play came down to “thebidster” and “supanova99,” both relatively unknown tournament players.  After a nice battle, thebidster came away with the win and a $59,224 first-place check.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guaranteed
1,346 Entrants; $269,200 prize pool

1. thebidster $59,224
2. supanova99 $37,688
3. acumen53 $27,593
4. vanBommelll $21,873
5. grimmy101 $16,825
6. joonklee $12,114
7. folds00 $7,807
8. I sycho I $5,653
9. Dirky D $4,146

Be sure to tune into for all updates on major tournaments including in-depth coverage of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, or, SCOOP.