With the Spring Championship of Online Poker now in full-swing on PokerStars this week the Sunday Tournament rotation looks a bit differently.  PokerStars still ran their Sunday Warm-Up, Second Chance, and $215r.  However, the Million and Sunday500 were replaced by SCOOP events.  FlopTurnRiver is bringing more in-depth reviews of the bigger events including today’s $3200 two-day event which finishes tomorrow.  FullTilt, hoping to stay out of PokerStars shadow, ran their three majors, including the $750k, Brawl, and Mulligan.

The first event of the day was the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars.  Despite all the excitement over the bigger SCOOP events, the Warm-Up still saw a nice amount of participation.  Over 4100 players created a prize pool of $821,400 with nearly $106,000 going to first place.  High-stakes tournament professional “hoodini10” made a deep run, eventually losing a heads-up battle with “Gabegnagare.” Hoodini’s $73,926 score is the second best of his career, just shove of a $92,000 cash from a win in the $1k Monday on FullTilt.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $750k Guaranteed
4107 Entrants; $821,400 prize pool

1. Gabegnagare $105,960.60
2. hoodini10 $73,926
3. JohnnyDepp $49,284
4. jasondvk $41,070
5. Kameleont $32,856
6. HGoblin $24,642
7. manitu895 $16,428
8. xMillet6La $10,267.50
9. Brett Favre $6,653.34

The PokerStars $215r saw some big names at the final table, including the last two participants.  ActionJeff, a well-known tournament and high-stakes cash game professional squared off with “intervntion,” a player who seems to continually make the Sunday Tournament Report.  Intervntion has a large number of wins in the bigger rebuy events on PokerStars, including a win in the $215r and EIGHT wins in various $109r on the site.  However, ActionJeff was just too tough this Sunday, as he took a commanding lead during heads-up play and went on to win the tournament and over $48,000 in first-place money:

Seat 1: ActionJeff (1274848 in chips)
Seat 5: intervntion (534652 in chips)
intervntion: posts small blind 6000
ActionJeff: posts big blind 12000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
intervntion: raises 24000 to 36000
ActionJeff: calls 24000
*** FLOP *** [5d Qh 2c]
ActionJeff: bets 48000
intervntion: calls 48000
*** TURN *** [5d Qh 2c] [8h]
ActionJeff: checks
intervntion: bets 111555
ActionJeff: calls 111555
*** RIVER *** [5d Qh 2c 8h] [8c]
ActionJeff: checks
intervntion: bets 337897 and is all-in
ActionJeff: calls 337897
*** SHOW DOWN ***
intervntion: shows [Qc 4c] (two pair, Queens and Eights)
ActionJeff: shows [8s 9d] (three of a kind, Eights)
ActionJeff collected 1069304 from pot

PokerStars $215r $200k Guaranteed
316 Entrants; $225,600 prize pool

1. ActionJeff $46,248
2. intervntion $33,840
3. maximilian74 $25,492.80
4. Pokerccini $19,176
5. eatyourstac $13,310.40
6. T.J.301 $10,152
7. rkruok $7,896
8. jeff710 $5,640
9. wsopdude26 $3,948

The final non-SCOOP event of the day on PokerStars was the $250,000 guaranteed Sunday Second Chance.  As the name suggests, this tournament is the latest-running event on Sundays, designed to give all the tournament grinders one final shot at a big score.  Making the most of this chance were heads-up contestants, “holdplz” and “mikki696.”  While holdplz has a large resume of big tournament scores, the same could not be said for his opponent.  With a $12k score the best to his name, mikki696 appeared to be slightly outside his comfort zone. However, any discomfort he may have felt was not apparent as he took over the heads-up match and won the tournament and over $55,000.  Don’t feel too bad for holdplz, besides taking home over $40,000 for his 2nd place finish he also has three other scores over $50,000 to his name including a win in the $109r and 2nd place finishes in the Sunday500 and Sunday Million on Stars.

Seat 3: holdplz (1656750 in chips)
Seat 9: mikki696 (2969250 in chips)
mikki696: posts small blind 30000
holdplz: posts big blind 60000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
mikki696: raises 2903250 to 2963250 and is all-in
holdplz: calls 1590750 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (1312500) returned to mikki696
*** FLOP *** [Js 3s 2h]
*** TURN *** [Js 3s 2h] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [Js 3s 2h Td] [Ts]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
holdplz: shows [Qh Ah] (a pair of Tens)
mikki696: shows [3h 3d] (a full house, Threes full of Tens)
mikki696 collected 3313500 from pot

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $250k Guaranteed
1542 Entrants; $308,400 prize pool

1. mikki696 $55,512
2. holdplz $40,092
3. gregior $30,840
4. Ace$ecA $23,130
5. karlofasaur $16,191
6. pattybabs $13,107
7. Mr.Vargas_85 $10,023
8. BadcardsAA $6,939
9. pokerface_ft $4,317.60

FullTilt was hard-pressed to compete with PokerStars this Sunday; fortunately the site was able to reach their guarantees on the three biggest events of the day. The first event of the day, the Sunday Brawl, saw 26 FullTilt sponsored-professionals play, including Ryan Daut, David Pham, and Josh Arieh.  For those unfamiliar with the Brawl, it is a KO, or knock-out style event which pays $40 to a player each time he/she eliminates a fellow competitor.  Heads-Up play came down to “FULLMIKETILT” and “AggroPit.”  Neither player had won over $30,000 in a single event, and each player was guaranteed $60,000.  In the end it was FULLMIKETILT who took over the heads-up battle and won the $92,919 first place check:

Seat 1: FULLMIKETILT (5,988,332)
Seat 2: AggroPit (845,668)
AggroPit posts the small blind of 50,000
FULLMIKETILT posts the big blind of 100,000
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
AggroPit raises to 835,668, and is all in
FULLMIKETILT calls 735,668
AggroPit shows [Ac Jd]
FULLMIKETILT shows [8h Ad]
*** FLOP *** [5d 2d 8d]
*** TURN *** [5d 2d 8d] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [5d 2d 8d Td] [4s]
AggroPit shows a flush, Jack high
FULLMIKETILT shows a flush, Ace high
FULLMIKETILT wins the pot (1,691,336) with a flush, Ace high

FullTilt Sunday Brawl $350k Guaranteed
2,278 Entrants; $455,600

1. FULLMIKETILT $92,919.62
2. AggroPit $60,139.20
3. koolie222 $44,648.80
4. canofcorn22 $33,714.40
5. JackAdi $23,691.20
6. leprechaun2 $15,490.40
7. Dano55 $10,478.80
8. wmdbaker67 $7,289.60
9. CaseQuarter $5,467.20

The biggest event of the day on FullTilt is the $750,000 guaranteed tournament.  A large amount of FullTilt Pros played today (46 total), including WSOP Main Event Champion Huck Seed, Ivy-league educated high-stakes pro Brandon Adams, and one of the best online tournament players of all-time, Isaac “Menlo” Baron. FullTilt Pro Jordan Morgan made a deep run, unfortunately bubbling the final table in 10th place.  “DaMurdera3” dominated the final table all the way down to heads-up play, where he enjoyed a 4:1 chip-lead.  His fellow competitor, “SCNoodle” did not go quietly, as he took over the chip lead early on in their match after winning a timely hand in which both players flopped a flush-draw.  The tournament was decided on the next hand, as SCNoodle’s AQo held against the A5o from DaMurdera3:

Seat 6: SCNoodle (9,842,222)
Seat 8: DaMurdera3 (1,803,778)
DaMurdera3 posts the small blind of 80,000
SCNoodle posts the big blind of 160,000
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
DaMurdera3 raises to 1,783,778, and is all in
SCNoodle calls 1,623,778
DaMurdera3 shows [As 5d]
SCNoodle shows [Ac Qh]
*** FLOP *** [6c 7d Jc]
*** TURN *** [6c 7d Jc] [6s]
*** RIVER *** [6c 7d Jc 6s] [3h]
DaMurdera3 shows a pair of Sixes
SCNoodle shows a pair of Sixes
SCNoodle wins the pot (3,607,556) with a pair of Sixes

FullTilt Sunday $750k Guaranteed
3,882 Entrants; $776,400 prize pool

1. SCNoodle $137,461.62
2. DaMurdera3 $83,074.80
3. POCKET FIVE $54,348
4. Brendon Rubie $42,857.28
5. youngun03 $32,142.96
6. brin1285 $23,835.48
7. AAAA Quads $17,857.20
8. DUMBO DUBMO $13,975.20
9. jolymumbo $10,403.76

The final event of the day on FullTilt is the appropriately-named Sunday Mulligan.   This week 17 FullTilt Red Pros played, including WSOP bracelet-holder Scott Fischman, well-known internet star Jordan Morgan, and PLO specialist Robert Williamson III.  Ryan Daut, another FullTilt Professional, made a deep run but busted before the final two tables.  “xmonsterxdongx” had to be considered the favorite entering the final table. Just four months ago he finished second in FTOPS Event #16 for over $150,000 and has numerous wins in $100+ tournaments on FullTilt.  Unfortunately, he was unable to win another as he busted in 3rd for just under $27,000.  Neither “king silas” or “Amills2186,” the two players battling for the title, have had a large amount of success playing online tournaments.  While they both appear to be winning players, they were both looking for their first win in a major event. For king silas, today was that day, as his full-house was more than enough to win the final hand and take home nearly $57,000 in first place money:

Seat 7: Amills2186 (1,765,361)
Seat 9: king silas (2,107,639)
king silas posts the small blind of 17,000
Amills2186 posts the big blind of 34,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
king silas raises to 82,000
Amills2186 calls 48,000
*** FLOP *** [9d 3d 7d]
Amills2186 checks
king silas bets 114,000
Amills2186 calls 114,000
*** TURN *** [9d 3d 7d] [4h]
Amills2186 checks
king silas has 15 seconds left to act
king silas bets 295,000
Amills2186 calls 295,000
*** RIVER *** [9d 3d 7d 4h] [7h]
Amills2186 bets 1,270,361, and is all in
king silas calls 1,270,361
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Amills2186 shows [7c Kc] three of a kind, Sevens
king silas shows [7s 9s] a full house, Sevens full of Nines
king silas wins the pot (3,530,722) with a full house, Sevens full of Nines

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guaranteed
1,291 Entrants; $258,200 prize pool

1. king silas $56,804
2. Amills2186 $36,148
3. xMONSTERxDONGx $26,594.60
4. cijay88 $20,978.75
5. MacAttackAA $16,137.50
6. MIDWAY54 $11,619
7. Bbuddy4brkfst $7,746
8. Pillager Bik $5,809.50
9. xGameSetMatchx $4,131.20