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With the World Series of Poker Main Event quickly approaching PokerStars took the opportunity to run the largest WSOP satellite of all-time.  All in all, 233 players earned a seat to the main event through a $370 qualifier which created a $2,807,350 prize pool.  PokerStars had been running satellites all week and some players could have earned their seats for as little as a few dollars.

The satellite took the place of the Sunday Million, leaving the Sunday Warm-Up to compete with the $750k Gtd. on FullTilt for the biggest tournament of the day. 4320 players created a huge $864,000 prize pool, one of the biggest for the Warm-Up this year. With most of the bigger name players involved in WSOP events this past Sunday gave the lesser-known tournament grinders a chance to take a big title.  Taking full advantage of this was “FoNkEy_DiSh”, a complete unknown on PokerStars whose biggest cash before this victory was just under $4,000.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $750k Guaranteed
4,320 Entrants; $864,000 prize pool

1. FoNkEy_DiSh $135,544.322
2. bfizz11 $100,656
3. Heskey27 $71,280
4. HolgerSpeck $48,816
5. EdwasEdzend $36,720
6. caecilius $28,080
7. 0m3rta $19,440
8. street G $10,800
9. philipoo $6,912

The Sunday500 continues to grow as this week more than 1,100 players entered the tournament for the first time in some while.   Top-10 ranked “djk123” made a deep run getting all the way down to heads-up before falling to “Legacy10”, a solid tournament player who before today did not have a $30,000+ score to his name.  That is certainly not the case for djk123, as he had six $30,000+ score to his name approaching the final table including an FTOPS victory for over $104,000 and a 3rd place for over $116,000 in another FTOPS Event.

PokerStars Sunday500 $500k Guaranteed
1,102 Entrants; $551,000 prize pool

1. Legacy10 $93,670
2. djk123 $68,875
3. cobra216 $52,289.90
4. AreTheseUtz $37,468
5. 0120 $27,274.50
6. Beldar C. $21,764.50
7. ale3560 $16,254.50
8. Tr3CooL $10,744.50
9. Ribi1 $5,950.80

PokerStars has now dropped the guarantee in the $215r for a 2nd time this year, after falling from $250,000 to $200,000 the guarantee is now set at $150,000.  Hopefully this is just for a short period during the WSOP as this event is one of the best to rail because of all the big names playing.  Some final table regulars made an appearance again this week including one of the best tournament players in the world, “AJKHoosier1” who had quite an early exit, busting in 9th place for just under $3,400.  Other big names making a deep run included “Luigi da BP” and “SixthSenSe19”. Winning the tournament and $36,464 was “LockdownTex”.  This win added on to his major success in the $109r in which he’s won three times before.  “troster16” finished in 2nd place for just over $26,000, well behind the $91,500 he made last December for winning the Sunday500.

PokerStars Sunday $215r $150k Guaranteed
243 Entrants; $169,600 prize pool

1. LockdownTex $36,464
2. troster16 $26,288
3. Belabacsi $19,928
4. Luigi da BP $14,840
5. SixthSenSe19 $10,176
6. The-Toilet 0 $8,480
7. thedonator $6,784
8. In8desyr $5,088
9. AJKHoosier1 $3,392

Not even a lowered guarantee could stop the Sunday Second Chance this weekend.  While the guarantee fell from $250,000 to $200,00 the tournament actually saw an increase in participation, creating a prize pool of over $308,000.  With $55,000+ up for grabs it was a seasoned tournament professional, ‘”bigdogpckt5s” who took full advantage of a weak final table.  This cash was his biggest score on PokerStars by over $20,000; however it is dwarfed by his win in FTOPS Event #9 last November for over $277,000.  He has over $1,000,000 in cashes on FullTilt alone.

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $200k Guaranteed
1,544 Entrants; $308,800 prize pool

1. bigdogpckt5s $55,584
2. kciknrun $40,144
3. pokerbrat13 $30,880
4. vaderGZ $23,160
5. BobbFi $16,212
6. 1BigAceHole $13,124
7. Sweden1000 $10,036
8. SA00SA $6,948
9. snake0eyes00 $4,323

FullTilt looked to keep pace with PokerStars as it ran it’s full-compliment of Sunday majors, the $750k Guaranteed, Brawl, and Mulligan. The $350k Gtd. Sunday Brawl has been hovering around the $400,000 mark lately and it remained there this week as a 1,992 entrants created a prize pool of $398,400. While most of their sponsored professionals were playing in WSOP events, 17 FullTilt “red pro’s” still managed to play in the Brawl including Raw Vaswani, Adam Schoenfeld, and Mike “Timex” McDonald. Unfortunately none of the pro’s made a deep run, leaving the final table up for grabs. Heads-up play came down to “Drusel” and “Kaslan”, two players who had yet to have much success on FullTilt. While Kaslan was a total unknown, Drusel seemed to be a bit of a tournament grinder, having more than $150,000 in cashes before making this final table. His experience seemed to pay off as he was able to take down the title and more than $82,000.

FullTilt Sunday Brawl $350k Guaranteed
1,992 Entrants; $398,400 prize pool

1. Drusel $82,070.40
2. Kaslan $54,182.40
3. nagyy88 $40,238.40
4. TheBrain $31,473.60
5. TheBrain $23,505.60
6. -BeatMe79- $16,334.40
7. Roody76 $9,960
8. The-Toilet 0 $6,772.80
9. 42o Never Loses $4,780.80

With the Sunday Million not running this weekend the $750k finally had a chance to be the biggest tournament of the day. While 3,952 players created a prize pool of $790,400, it still wasn’t enough to pass the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars. This week only 16 FullTilt professionals including Andrew Wiggins, Brian Hastings, and Stuart Paterson played in the event. Unfortunately not a single professional cracked the top-400 and only one, Adam Schoenfeld, made the money. “Miw210” was able to out-battle a final table of unknowns to add another nice victory to his resume. The $139,940 cash was by far and away the biggest of his career, although unlike our other Sunday winners, he had won another major, the Sunday Mulligan, last October.

FullTilt Sunday $750k Guaranteed
3,952 Entrants; $790,400 prize pool

1. miw210 $139,940.32
2. Sonelin $84,572.80
3. clcktower $55,328
4. BONCELA $43,630.08
5. The Quietwinner $32,822.56
6. zilbee $24,265.28
7. ErikTheKing7 $18,179.20
8. ISaidStill $14,227.20
9. bamboo6386 $10,591.36

The final event of the day, the Sunday Mulligan, saw a nice boost in entrants this week as 1,172 players created a $234,400 prize pool, with $52,740 going to eventual champion “sandler1860”. This was his biggest cash on FullTilt, easily besting a $15,000+ score in the $65k Guarantee last November. Finishing in 2nd was “loosenuts99” who had one major final table in last month’s FTOPS Event #1 in which he finished 7th for just under $20,000.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guaranteed
1,172 Entrants; $234,400 prize pool

1. sandler1860 $52,740
2. loosenuts99 $33,402
3. bobboufl11 $24,729.20
4. IfHeDiesHeDies $19,338
5. dharma1 $14,650
6. ronaldgrauer $10,548
7. C-Donkey $7,032
9. foldyouwont $3,750.40