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The World Series of Poker finally put a big dent in Sunday tournament action as attendance was down across the board yesterday.  PokerStars saw the writing on the wall last week dropping its guarantees in the $215r and Second Chance. However, they failed to foresee such a big drop in the Sunday Warm-Up and Million, both of which were way under their respective guarantees.

The Warm-Up, which had been averaging in excess of 4,000 entrants in 2009. failed to reach its guarantee for the first time in quite a while.  With only 3,690 entrants the tournament had $12,000 in overlay, a nice bonus for the internet grinders not making the trip to the WSOP.  The only notable name making the final table was “Dracospinner”, a high-stakes NL cash game player who has won the $109r on PokerStars before. Once again heads-up came down to two unknown players, “Dennis2410” and “swinebag”, neither of whom had a $2,000+ score to their name before last night.  That was all about to change, as 2nd place guaranteed more than $87,000, a life-changing amount for those two. In the end it was Dennis2410 who took control of heads-up play and went on to win the $117,750 first-place check.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $750k Guaranteed
3,690 Entrants; $750,000 prize pool

1. Dennis2410 $117,750
2. swinebag $87,750
3. Beyn $61,875
4. skully92 $43,125
5. s1m022 $31,875
6. smartplaying $24,375
7. DIV999 $16,875
8. Dracospinner $9,375
9. ymemoy $6,000

While the Warm-Up took a small hit to its attendance, the Million was not quite as fortunate.  The tournaments needs 7,500 players to reach its guarantee. This week only 6,990 signed up, 510 players for over $100,000 short of the guarantee.  Just as the Warm-Up failed to produce a well-known winner, so did the Million.  “Vidikin” and “unfadeable1” squared off in a heads-up battle pitting two players who were certainly not used to being in such a pressure-packed situation. While unfadeable1 has won the $11r for $15,000, it was way back in 2006, and Vidikin is so unknown there wasn’t a $1,000+ score to be found.  Both players put up a nice fight, with Vikidin coming out on top, taking home the title and $225,000.

PokerStars Sunday Million $1.5M Guaranteed
6990 Entrants; $1,500,000 prize pool

1. Vikidin $225,000
2. unfadeable1 $165,555
3. villepn $120,000
4. predator.ger $79,500
5. Fulle $61,500
6. Soelberg $46,500
7. Aftret $32,250
8. roshoklnikov $18,000
9. Maxxx72alba $11,625

The Sunday 500 managed to hold its head above water when 986 entrants came close to matching the tournament’s guarantee.  With just $7,000 in overlay being nothing to write home about, some of the world’s best tournament players set their sites on the $87,400 first place check. Top-15 ranked Jeremiah “believer82” Vinsant added another huge score to his resume, outlasting “padjes” for the win.  The $87,400 score was his best cash ever by a mere $150.  He twice won the $1k Monday on FullTilt and has two wins in the $109r and a win in the Quarter Million on PokerStars all within the last 12 months.

PokerStars Sunday $500k Guaranteed
986 Entrants; $500,000 prize pool

1. Believer82 $87,400
2. padjes $63,500
3. LUHMAN $47,500
4. Alphafoil $35,500
5. hanitz $25,000
6. BigBobK74 $20,000
7. Norin22 $15,000
8. bo0ort $10,000
9. lainbouki $5,750

While one big name made the final table in the Sunday 500, a slew of well-known players got there in the $215r.   One of the world’s best tournament grinders, “gboro780”, made a nice run before falling in 3rd place for just under $19,000.  “Bill Ivey”, known for both his cash-game and tournament prowess, fared one better, bowing out in 2nd place after losing a heads-up battle against “Roach11”. This was Ivey’s 7th biggest score, well behind a win in the $109r last year for over $67,000. Roach11 is no slouch himself, having won a SCOOP event in April for nearly $135,000.

PokerStars Sunday $215r $150k Guaranteed
252 Entrants; $165,000 prize pool

1. Roach11 $33,825
2. Bill Ivey $24,750
3. gboro780 $18,645
4. VuaXi To $14,025
5. toetagU $9,735
6. rhin0man $7,425
7. shauhulud $5,775
8. Bdbeatslayer $4,125
9. Sumpas $2887.50

Two huge names in online poker made the final table of the Sunday Second Chance.  “bfineman” and “Andy McLEOD”, high-stakes tournament professionals, each made a deep run.  In fact, bfineman went onto win the tournament and over $47,000, his 3rd biggest career score.  McLeod was not as fortunate, busting in fourth place of just under $20,000.  Amazingly it was only his 15th biggest score on PokerStars alone, way behind a SCOOP victory for $184,000 in April.

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $200k Guaranteed
1,314 Entrants; $262,800 prize pool

1. bfineman $47,724.48
2. Treadinwater $34,689.60
3. blueduck23 $26,280
4. Andy McLEOD $19,710
5. horryclutch $13,797
6. acekingqq $11,169
7. bootswild $8,541
8. lwilliams86 $5,913
9. ArumrunnerA $3,679.20

FullTilt decided to follow PokerStars suit from last week, running a huge WSOP Main Event qualifier instead of their marquee event, the Sunday $750,000 Guaranteed.  While PokerStars was able to hand out over 250 seats, FullTilt managed to award 153 seats in what was the 2nd biggest online qualifier ever.

While the $750,000 was put on the back burner, the Sunday Brawl and Mulligan were off and running in full force.  Both tournaments easily bested their guarantees by over $50,000.  One of the biggest names in online poker, Shaun Deeb, who plays as “tedfishfry” on FullTilt, made a deep run all the way down to heads-up play in the Warm-Up.  Waiting for him was a formidable foe in “bparis”, a high-stakes tournament regular who had five $20,000+ scores to his name entering yesterday’s final table.  While Deeb made things tough, he could not overcome bparis, as he had to settle for 2nd place and $53,908, while bparis took down his first major title and over $83,000.

FullTilt Sunday Brawl $350k Guaranteed
2,042 Entrants; $408,400 prize pool

1. bparis $83,293.18
2. tedfishfry $53,908.80
3. Adrasto $40,023.20
4. Leboob $30,221.60
5. phantomas1124 $21,236.80
6. Yugobear $13,885.60
7. BotOFallBOTS $9,393.20
8. Anti-Afwas $6,534.40
9. benvo123 $4,900.80

Sunday’s final event, the $200,000 Sunday Mulligan, gave everyone a final shot at a big score.  Only six FullTilt Sponsored Professionals played in the tournament including Brian “Stinger” Hastings who finished just inside the money in 120th place. Taking full advantage was “Phantom 2x” who took down his second major title besides a win in the Quarter Million the past February.  The $62,260 cash in this victory was $10,000 higher than that Quarter Million win, and his 4th $10,000+ score of his career.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guaranteed
1,415 Entrants; $283,000 prize pool

1. Phantom 2X $62,260
2. kennl $39,620
3. lplayNUTS $28,653.75
4. suuper-dell $22,993.75
5. castellimich $17,347.90
6. hechypoo $12,735
7. leguito $8,207
8. Dudderz $5,943
9. vp9826 $4,245