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Another Sunday is in the books as the world’s best online-MTT players vied for over $5,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools across a variety of sites.

As always the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up got things started.  With its $750,000 guarantee and early start time, it’s the perfect way to get a long day of tournaments off and running.  While the American contingent might have been still half asleep there were plenty of Europeans who jumped off to hot starts. In the end the top 5 spots were reserved from those hailing from the other side of the pond. Well known American players tdomkeski and Se7enTr37 finished inside the top 25.  Player “goodvibe1” started Heads-up play with nearly a 2:1 chiplead. However, “Supa4real” would mount a charge and draw close enough to force a chop and a guaranteed $71,250.00 to each while leaving $30,000 to play for on the table.  In the end it was Supa4real making a great call and earning himself just over $101,000 for his efforts.

1. Supa4real$101,250
2. goodvibe1 $71,250
3. Dudelinio $48,750
4. tallgeir $38,625
5. vanky $30,750.
6. lordhuttyx $23,250.
7. RuudGullit $15,750.
9. GB2005 $6,750.

Per usual the PokerStars Sunday Million generated Sunday’s largest prizepool.  7557 participants barely cleared the $1,500,000 guarantee and were off and running.  Once again the Final Table was full of relative unknowns proving that anyone can win online poker’s biggest weekly event.  Players “es_dame” and “NFrost_10” negotiated a chip-chop shortly after “karelli” was eliminated in third place.  Both players had nearly identical chip counts and took a dead even split leaving $30,000 in the middle per PokerStars rules.   Each player would be guaranteed nearly $141,000 and would effectively be playing a $30,000 HU sit-in-go. The match only lasted two hands as both players got all the money in on a flop of Js 9s 7s with es_dame holding a slight lead with Jc4s to NFrost_10’s 9d8s. The 2s on the turn gave NFrost_10 a better flush and an unbeatable hand.

1. NFrost_10 $170,909.91
2. es_dame $140,909.91
3. karelli $84,638.40
4. Duffs#1 fan $69,524.40
5. SonnylnMTl $54,410.40
6. lecharentais $39,296.40
7. kidkanada99 $26,449.50
8. hidden1s $17,381.10
9. afiopeneyes2 $10,579.80

Full Tilt’s “Sunday Brawl”, a $240+16 $250,000 guarantee KO tournament attracted over 1800 participants on Sunday. Fifteen of Full Tilt’s “red pro’s” competed, with Chris Wolters the site’s lone professional, making the money.  Notable internet players Ryan Daut (winner of the WPT Caribbean Poker Adventure) and Eric Liu(High-stakes cash game regular) failed to wade their way through the large field.  WSOP bracelet winners Scott Fischman and Robet WilliamsonIII were also in the field.  In the end Jose “head2782”  Severino prevailed and took home nearly $75,000 of the $362,200 prize-pool.  This is just one of two huge scores in the past two months for Severino.  This past July he took 2nd in the PokerStars SuperTuesday for over $80,000.  While he is starting to make a name for himself on Stars and Tilt Severino has been dominating Bodog’s tournament-scene from some time now earning the top spot on their TLB this past February.  Known for making many moves and being a bit wild, Severino seems to have the characteristics of a great online MTT player.

1. hea2782 $74,613.20
2. adeeeum $49,259.20
3. -bentonaces- $36,582.20
4. Mattmys $28,613.80
5. ErikGeller $31,369.80
6. jbock034 $14,850.20
7. ginzorella $9,055.00
8. payems $6,157.40
9. whatariver1 $4,346.40

Full Tilt’s $750k guarantee, it’s largest Sunday tournament,  attracted 3752 participants, just two more than needed to meet their guarantee.  32 Full Tilt “red pros” competed including David Benyamine, David Pham, Josh Arieh, Ryan Daut, and Ram Vaswani.  Four pros would make the money, most notably funnyman Adam Schoenfeld who finished just inside the cut-line in 450th place. Playing heads-up for the championship were 6speed and ship hamilton. “ship hamilton” has earned over $150,000 on Full Tilt poker including a win in a $65,000 guarantee event just over a month ag. “6speed” has one other big cash on Full Tilt for nearly $50,000 in a past $1,000,000 guarantee tournament this past March.  After a seesaw HU battle ship hamilton made a courageous call on a total bluff from 6speed.  On a board reading 2h 4s Js 9c Tc 6speed shoved all-in for just over a pot-sized bet.  This sent ship hamilton into the tank and he finally called, showing AsTs to beat 6speed’s Qc7c.

1. ship hamilton$132,858.32
2. 6speed $80,292.80
3. Asiandude7 $52,528.00
4. hallebeary $41,422.08
5. WhoAteMyShorts $31,066.56
6. ChAzZz18 $23,037.28
7. Ronaldinho $17,253.20
8. TllBoothBandit $13,507.20
9. Carl Bildt $10,055.36

Sunday’s biggest buy-in tournament, the PokerStars $5000+$200 winner-take-all Freezeout, once again attracted the world’s best online and live poker professionals.  Today was no exception at 16 of the world’s best vied for $80,000.  In the end, Andy McLEOD, who recently won FTOPS 9 event 21, outlasted the field and earned himself a nice payday.  Notable high-stakes cash game player Steve “MrSmokey1” Bilirakis finished in third. Bilirakis can be seen playing limits as high as 500/1000 NLHE online and at 22 already has a WSOP bracelet to his name.  Kevin “BeL0WaB0Ve” Saul, a high-stakes MTT legend finished the tournament in 7th place.  Below is a list of all the competitors.

1. Andy McLEOD $80,000.00
2. HouseeLover
3. MrSmokey1
4. FireFox001
5. djk123
6. theASHMAN103
7. BeL0WaB0Ve
8. rivermani
10. steveg12
11. aylinka18
12. taktloss47
13. nordlending
14. takechip
15. bark spijker
16. John Duthie

PokerStars $500+30 $500,000 guarantee failed to attract enough participants to meet it’s guarantee. 993 players vied for the victory and over $91,000 in first place money.  Danny “THE_D_RY” Ryan made the final table but busted 8th for just over $11k.  Ryan is one of the best High-stakes MTT and SNG playeres online having one multiple $100+ buy-in events between PokerStars and FullTilt.  In the end “Waters81″ took a commanding chiplead into his heads-up battle versus”C.K.” and took the title when his KQo held against K5o all-in pre-flop.  Ben “Waters81” Waters is no stranger to success on PokerStars having taken down the SuperTuesday less than a month ago for just over $80,000.

1. Waters81 $91,250.00
2. C.K. $66,540.00
3. ale3560 $50,000.00
4. BOKPOWER $37,500.00
5. djalminha $26,250.00
6. CKOTUHA $21,250.00
7. respect82 $16,250.00
8. THE_D_RY $11,250.00
9. xuongxx $7,000.00

PokerStars biggest rebuy event, the $200+15r once again attracted some of the best online MTT players to it’s field.  Nearly 260 players were still no where near enough to generate the $250,000 guarantee forcing PokerStars to pay out nearly $75,000 in overlay.  High-stakes MTT and cashgame specialist “ComeOnPhish” was the first to bust at the Final Table.  He was soon followed by “djk123” another high-stakes cashgame player who busted in 6th.  In the end “Roothlus” and “exposabre” would find themselves playing heads-up for $51,250.  Roothlus would dominate the Heads-Up match and take down the title.  Adam “Roothlus” Levy is a top-100 ranked online MTT specialist.  This is Levy’s 16th 5digit+ cash online and his second cash over $50,000.

1. Roothlus $51,250.00
2. exposabre $37,500.00
3. Sooners $28,250.00
4. Believer82 $21,250.00
5. All_in_at420 $14,750.00
6. djk123 $11,250.00
7. sacker $8,750.00
8. chipitmyway $6,250.00
9. ComeOnPhish $4,375.00

PokerStars 2nd biggest rebuy tournament, the $100+9r was one entrant shy of 1000.  The $300,000 guarantee tournament had enough gamblers to build a prize pool of $365,500 after nearly 2,000 rebuys and 700 add-ons at $100 a piece.  A few big names made the final table, including the top 3 spots.  “TheNew” took down first, and over $67,000.  He has won many big events, including a $1000+60 event on Full Tilt for over $105,000 and the $215r and Wednesday $150k on PokerStars.  Finishing in 2nd place and earning just under $49,000 was FTR’s own “The Odds God” who plays as “DaPokerGun” on Pokerstars.  In third place was PokerStars professional Andre “aakkari” Akkari.

1. TheNew $67,617.50
2. DaPokerGun $48,977.00
3. aakkari $36,550.00
4. tiger76 $27,412.50
5. tr0nni $19,188.75
6. JaySick88 $15,533.75
7. bigobybunk $11,878.75
8. puffinmypurp $8,223.75
9. TrueblueStar $5,117.00

The PokerStars Sunday Second Chance tournament once again drew a large field.  1338 players competing meant over $30,000 in overlay in the $300,000 guaranteed tournament.  Outlasting the field was “rusostreet” who took 1st place and over $54,000 in earnings.  Rusostreet is no stranger to online MTT success, having posted 6 5digit+ scores lifetime online.  Ericb09 took home 2nd place and nearly $40,000.  This is Eric’s 3rd top-5 finish in a Sunday Major in the past three months including a 4th in Full Tilt’s $750k and 3rd in their Sunday Brawl.

1. rusostreet $54,480.00
2. Ericb09 $39,600.00
3. Smooth Ice $30,000
4. sunshine7718 $22,500.00
5. Grey fox 33 $15,750.00
6. hg18l7 $12,750.00
7. jackmeplz69 $9,750.00
8. shallowcal $6,750.00
9. Zuked $4,200.00

Last but certainly not least is Bodog’s weekly $100k guarantee.  Bodog has been continually producing huge overlays and it still seems to only attract about 600-700 players each week.  656 players showed up this week, leaving $34,400 in overlay. In the end “balla686” defeated “spilsner” heads up to take home the victory and nearly $24,000 in prize money. Marshall “balla686” Trauernicht has made a name for himself on Bodog, having already won a $15k guarantee event this past May.

1. Balla686 $23,600.00
2. spilsner $13,600.00
3. syzygy3732 $9,100.00
4. soggyvag2 $7,000.00
5. Ugotdonedirty $5,700.00
6. TimKansas $4,500.00
7. TripleNet $3,300.00
8. Hapa Haoli $2,200.00
9. PwnasaurusX $1,300.00