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Another exciting Sunday for many, as poker’s elite online players battled it out over $5,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.

Getting the day going was the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up.  The $200+15 buy-in event is always stock-piled with some of Europe’s best poker talent.  2007 WSOPE Main Event Champion Annette “Annette_15” Oberstad made the Final table but would bust in 6th. Annette is extremely well-known across the online poker scene, and reached legendary status after winning a 180-man event with out ever looking at her cards.  19 year-old Canadian Alex “AWice” Wice was able to out battle another High-Stakes MTT player, lrdvoldemort, for first and $135,000 in prize money.  Even though the tournament was a special “2x” event, after 3627 entries and 1322 rebuys the $1,000,000 guarantee was still not met forcing just over $10,000 in overlay.

1. AWice  $135,000.00
2. lrdvoldemort  $95,000.00
3. Rivvie  $65,000.00
4. Bookie1978 $51,500.00
5. halt81 $41,000.00
6. Annette_15 $31,000.00
7. allinstevie $21,000.00
8. mppowerm $13,000.00
9. MrTile $9,000.00

The PokerStars Sunday Million once again generated the largest prizepool of the weekend, however, it too failed to reach it’s guarantee of $1,500,000.  Only 7212 players entered forcing PokerStars to provide over $57,000 in overlay.  In the end “diegoaiz” was able to take down the title and over $148,000 in prize money after a chip-chop. The most notable player at the final table had to be “CodeRedRulez” better known as “ElipsesJeff” on’s forums.  His appearance would be short lived however after taking two brutal beats to start the final table.  Jeff’s KK was no good against TT and his AK fell short against an opponent’ Q2.  Still, a $10,500 payday is a nice way to start your labor day weekend.  High-stakes Cash and MTT-Pro, Gabe “gp333” Patgorski, made a deep run but too fell short, finishing 59th for just $2,250 in earnings.  Tma420 and pbdrunks also made deep runs but busted in 22nd and 13th place respectively.

1. diegoaiz $148,848.49
2. TheRodGuy $127,912.72
3. FlopeDeNuts $116,687.79
4. IamUnlucky $69,000.00
5. krs528 $54,000.00
6. UnbrokeN $39,000.00
7. Bury2k4 $26,250.00
8. c j mcon $17,250.00
9. CodeRedRulez $10,500.00

The FullTilt $750k also fell well-short of it’s guarantee, only having 3,225 in the $200+$15 buy-in tournament.  Taking home the title and over $132,000 in prize money was player “Steveee111”.  This was by far and away his largest tournament cash, having bested his previous mark of $535 in a 54-man $6 SNG. “Flip This Cup” would take a brutal beat and finsih 3rd when his QQ fell victim to K7s on a Q 8 9 5 6 board.  $50,000+ in winnings will help to ease the pain. FullTilt’s Jordan Morgan made the deepest run of all; the Red Pro’s finishing a respectable 21st.  Berry Johnston, Ryan Daut, Roy Winston, and Huck Seed also finished in the top 522 and made the money.

1. Steveee111 – $132,788
2. oldschool043 – $80,250
3. Flip This Cup – $52,500
4. grabskia – $41,400
5. dubbeemin – $31,050
6. Mabbe – $23,025
7. prostarins – $17,250
8. StevoL_7 – $13,500
9. VamosRafael – $10,050

FullTilt’s Sunday Brawl, a $240+$16 KO Event, attracted 1,664 participants,  down slightly from last weeks 1800+ entrants.  “Insanocut” was fortunate enough to take down the title and $71,552 in 1st place prize money. This was barely his largest win ever, edging out the $71,242 he made finishing second to Annette_15 in a FullTilt $500k event last year. “I CaioPimenta I” finished off a solid month with a second place finish and over $45,000.  Earlier this month he won a $75 buy-in tournament for over $11,600.

1. insanocut – $71,552
2. I CaioPimenta I – $45,261
3. Hotsas – $33,613
4. rubenrtv – $26,624
5. stbar – $19,968
6. MrsESPN – $14,310
7. dOwnosaur – $9,318
8. ALTAR BALTAR – $6,656
9. SlimFreakie – $4,659

The biggest buy-in event, PokerStars Sunday’s Winner-Take-All Freezeout, barely got off the ground this past week.  The $5,000+$200 event attracted only 6 entrants, most notably, Steve “MrSmokey1” Bilirakis, a former WSOP bracelet winner.  “Supernova9” better known as “Ansky” in the online poker world took down the 6-man SNG and $30,000.

1. supernova9 $30,000
2. MrSmokey1
3. AperfectGent
4. respect82
5. Iftarii
6. ADZ124

Pokerstars $500+$30 $500,000 guarantee is a tournament typically reserved for the high-stakes MTT crowd.  This week, 998 players vied for 1st place and $91,250 in prize money.  “Titantom32” was fortunate enough to take home the crown after agreeing to a 2-way chop.  Notable high-stakes MTT player “FishOnTilt” once again makes our Sunday Report finishing 5th for over $26,000.  Se7enTr3y, who had final tabled the Sunday Warmup earlier in the year, finished 7th for over $16,000.  MrSmokey1, SBRounder, jcamby33, and BeL0WaB0Ve all made the final two tables but were unable to reach the final table.   All four are well-known high-stakes MTT players and could have created one of the more memorable final tables in recent history.   Chris “Moorman1” Moorman finished 3rd.  He is widely considered one of the best, if not the best, online MTT player around.  He has won the PocketFives triple crown along with the $1k Monday on FullTilt earlier this year.

1. Titantom32  $74,969.66
2. thugmoneymkr  $82,730.34
3. Moorman1 $50,000.00
4. mcstuntz  $37,500.00
5. FishOnTilt  $26,250.00
6. iecavniex $21,250.00
7. Se7enTr3y $16,250.00
8. pokrjoker78 $11,250.00
9. Belabacsi  $7,000.00

PokerStars $200+$15 rebuy event was taken down by Shane “Shaniac” Schleger.  Outlasting “twirlpro” and notable high-stakes player “SirWatts,” he earned over $51,000 for the victory.  This was Shane’s biggest online score to date, having already had multiple $30,000+ cashed in $100 rebuy events.  Mike “SirWatts” Watson’s $21,250 payday pales in comparison to the $1,673,770 he earned after winning the Bellagio Cup IV Deep Stack Main Event this past July.

1. shaniac $51,250.00
2. twirlpro $37,500.00
3. KidTaxMan  $28,250.00
4. SirWatts $21,250.00
5. nyquilholic $14,750.00
6. osten $11,250.00
7. kidroe $8,750.00
8. dpw99 $6,250.00
9. xQ024 $4,375.00

The $100+9 rebuy tournament on PokerStars had a familiar face at this final table, as 3rd place finisher from the $500k guarantee, “Moorman1”, made an appearance.  However his Final Table run would be short lived, as he would bow out 9th, earning just over $5,000.  The online MTT community thanks Chris for allowing some other players a chance to earn some real money.  Taking first place and over $68,000 was “fateileoni,” who, as you could probably tell from his name, is an Italian-born player. This win is a big improvement over his largest previously-recorded cash of $6200 in another $100 rebuy event.

1. fateileoni  $68,006.25
2. D.J.777 $48,964.50
3. NemoStars22 $36,270.00
4. argilzar $27,202.50
5. ZooterFitz $19,041.75
6. andersbisse $15,414.75
7. mstrminding $11,787.75
8. peggydee $8,160.75
9. Moorman1 $5,114.07

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance always gives one last opportunity to those who have busted out early in other events or to those needing another Sunday “rush”. “Freezeplay” would make the most of this chance, earning the victory and over $54,000 in 1st place prize money.  “Freezeplay” has been off the tournament scene for a while, having made some large cashed back in early 2007, but having nothing recorded again until now.  He had made a few deep runs in the Nightly $100k on Stars last year, finishing 2nd and 3rd. Well-known mid-stakes cash and MTT player “Patonius2000” was able to grab 3rd and a nice pay day of $30,000.

1. freezeplay (Canada) $54,480.00
2. RiggsB (United States) $39,600.00
3. Patonius2000 (United Kingdom) $30,000.00
4. DesertQuest (United Kingdom) $22,500.00
5. efmike (United States) $15,750.00
6. tuck64 (United States) $12,750.00
7. glennbrooke (United States) $9,750.00
8. Masterhp (United States) $6,750.00
9. mcnallyville (United States) $4,200.00

FullTilt’s Sunday Mulligan, much like Stars Second Chance, attracts those looking for one last big score.  The $200+$15, $150k Guarantee event drew 966 entrants. In the end, a large group of virtual unknowns vied for 1st and over $44,000 in prize money.  “Shortmat1444” would outlast “Pokerccini” for the victory. Not to be confused with High-Stakes MTT pro Dustin Dirksen, James “flushy” Dempsey finished 6th.

1. Shortmat1444 – $44,436
2. Pokerccini – $28,014
3. bigboybunk – $20,769
4. rhe041 – $15,939
5. Army of Sheep – $12,075
6. Dustin Dirksen – $8,694
7. The Norse Horse – $5,796
8. miketace – $4,521
9. hemlock1313 – $3,284

As always, the Bodog $100k Guarantee produced a massive overlay.  This week only 558 players competed, meaning over $44,000 was up for grabs.  Making the final table was “rusostreet”, last week’s PokerStars Second Chance winner. He would fall short this time, finishing 5th for $5,500.  “Dahotshot” took home the win and $25,000, falling just short of his biggest win ever, a 2nd place finish in UB’s $200k guarantte for $26,500 earlier in the year.

1. Dahotshot – $25,000
2. aletheia – $15,000
3. Jadenali – $9,500
4. PYCB – $7,000
5. rusostreet – $5,500
6. radarman – $4,500
7. jacenb001 – $3,500
8. Mr Punisher – $2,200
9. swimjack – $1,700