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Another big Sunday is in the books. With a huge amount of action and some WCOOP bracelets on the line, many of poker’s superstars came out and put on a show.  On of the biggest prize-pools ever was generated in the PokerStars WCOOP Main Event.  The $5000+$200 buy-in tournament was able to attract an impreesive 2,185 entrants, creating a prize-pool of nearly $11,000,000.  The tournament is a two-day event, which is set to conclude today, there are 60 remaining players, with many big online names leading the way.

AJKHoosier1 continues his strong online run, he is 5th in the chips in this tournament, as well as still in the other WCOOP tournament set to end today as well.   Ryan “Daut44” Daut, winner of the PCA in 2006 is in the middle of the pack, along with fellow MTT-Pro Charder3, cash-game specialist “ahh_snap”, and PokerStars Pro “Ely”.  In 50th place is the ever infamous, Dustin “neverwin” Wolf.  Wolf has been at the center of online poker controversy many times, and this deep run will certainly not go unnoticed.  Rounding out a formidable final 60 is “ADZ124”, a high-stakes cash game player from Canada.  He can be seen playing 25/50NL and higher on PokerStars all the time.

The Main Event is set to resume today at 16:30ET.  Here are the chip counts of the 60 remaining players:

august35 3,865,986.00
Cobra234 2,378,526.00
Fluffdog87 2,242,203.00
Forza Parma 2,204,820.00
AJKHoosier1 2,184,184.00
liberace 2,073,469.00
klslcz 1,822,775.00
PieOhMy 1,382,118.00
Markush13 1,381,400.00
ViP_MoDee 1,375,402.00
capinhabr 1,262,891.00
Sumpas 1,160,506.00
Cowb0y$4Life 1,137,334.00
Herr_Jude 1,119,064.00
BillieD 1,068,206.00
cpfactor 1,036,775.00
ShoesRDurrty 1,036,402.00
abreid 1,027,391.00
ShiP ThA $$$ 977,595.00
xmrstyle 963,432.00
lucky_aces08 952,074.00
austinlewis 910,230.00
charder30 901,740.00
BlueDevils09 900,113.00
baloo1962 880,068.00
brendol 867,244.00
m3tph 794,381.00
Daut44 793,280.00
ckingusc 789,130.00
ahh_snap 779,928.00
McMang 762,914.00
Michnak 708,462.00
KingKobeMVP 687,178.00
sprocket94 677,958.00
psuNYY51 641,990.00
cbsplash 637,172.00
LoneHixx 608,020.00
sshyshadow 607,067.00
x-13 564,946.00
Miss Pretty 515,810.00
mcstuntz 511,464.00
astarisborn 493,044.00
ElkY 482,177.00
sandler1860 475,000.00
styroben33 462,970.00
THEROBBOB20 445,937.00
JBlaze20 431,079.00
pokerhahntas 425,516.00
kudos1017 424,611.00
neverwin 417,001.00
DooshDotCom 413,258.00
ADZ124 404,146.00
C13Greentumb 399,128.00
PokerNoob999 371,757.00
cabriovr6 347,988.00
kovi99 344,430.00
diemaus36o 342,715.00
BalkanGhost 296,656.00
BOLLPOKER 235,953.00
PowerRanger 219,986.00

There were tournaments that actually finished on Sunday, one of the bigger being the PokerStars WCOOP 2nd Chance $1,050NL Event.  816 players created a prizepool of$816,000 and just over $150,00 to the winner.  In the end, high-stakes NL Heads-Up specialist “GASSITT” took home the title.  The final table had some other big names, including 3rd places finisher “snake8484”, another high-stakes NL HU and 6max player. Snake8484 is coming off a a 2nd place finish at the end of August in the $300 buy-in $90k Guarantee of Full Tilt for nearly $16,000.  This $81,600 appears to be his largest tournament cash by far.

PokerStarsWCOOP#33 2nd Chance
816 entrants

1. GASSITT – $150,960
2. Gabfield – $109,344
3. snake8484 – $81,600
4. BriDge2PaiN – $61,200
5. Comandr_Cool – $42,840
6. PiKappRaider – $34,680
7. Hasn82 – $26,520
8. THEPIRAT – $18,360
9. Philosofic – $11,424

PokerStars still had a Sunday Warm-up event, this time calling it the “WCOOP Warm-UP”, a $200+$15 buy-in event.  Over 2286 players entered, creating a prizepool of $457,200.  Making a deep run was Peter “Apathy123” Jetten.  Jetten finished 2nd earlier this year in the WSOP $10,000 PLO Championship winning $530,000.  He is a high-stakes HU cash game player who obviously has done quite well for himself on the tournament scene. Taking a brutal beat and going out fourth was “DHUSTLER15” when his AhAs was no match for “natseet” and his AcJd on a 6sQd4d3d6d board. Natseet would take nearly a 2:1 chiplead into HU play and would not discuss a deal with Ghoost1.  Ghoost chipped his way back to even stacks and then got all of his money in with KK against the A3o of natseet and was able to hold on for the victory and just over $74,000.

PokerStars WCOOP Warm-UP
2286 entrants

1. Ghoost1 – $74,066
2. natseet – $53,721
3. MacChuck – $37,948
4. DHUSTLER15 – $25,603
5. GIGI LUCA – $21,031
6. domingo32 – $15,459
7. Ubsolute – $11,887
8. fridhem – $8,230
9. Normalforce – $4,983

PokerStars biggest rebuy event of the week, the $250,000 Guarantee $200+15 Rebuy tournament took place in it’s normal slot on Sunday.  377 High-Stakes MTT gamblers took part and generated a healthy $268,000 prizepool. If “squirrely1” looks familiar, it is because he won this very tournament LAST WEEK. Quite an impressive run in what has to be one of the toughest online tournaments around. The most notable name at the Final Table has to be the German-native “goodvibe1”. He is ranked in the top 50 in online tournament results this year, having finished second in the Warm-up last month and winning the Stars Super Tuesday back in January. What is the most impressive is this $15,410 cash does not even make his TOP 10.  Goodvibe would finish 5th, and in the end it was Chris “Universe112” Leveroni who took down the title and over $52,000 in prize-money.  He has also won the $100r on Stars this past July and an FTOPS Event in 2006.

PokerStars $215 Rebuy $250k Guarantee
377 Entrants

1. Universe112 – $52,260
2. Squirrely1 – $39,530
3. 4ofaKindBud – $29,480
4. JasonGray – $22,512
5. goodvibe1 – $15,410
6. twopops – $12,060
7. Rayons X – $9,380
8. Belabacsi – $6,700
9. mojave14 – $4,690

The $100+9 rebuy event built nearly as large a prize-pool as the $200+15 tournament.  597 players created nearly 1400 rebuys and 456 add-ons, crushing this tournament’s $150,000 guarantee with an eventual prize pool of $244,500.  First place was nearly the same as well, with $46,210 going to the winner, “Believer82”.  Online MTT-Pro “Tmay420” just missed out on the final table, finishing in 11th place.  A frew other big names had near misses, including “Supernova9” known as “Ansky” and the infamous “iamhiv”.

PokerStars $109 Rebuy $150k Guarantee
597 Entrants

1. Believer82 $46,210.50
2. 19FMS86 $33,863.25
3. jeff710 $24,939
4. Mr. Tim Caum $18,826.50
5. JKos $13,203
6. trashman831 $10,391.25
7. Evi1duke11 $7,946.25
8. df1986 $5,501.25
9. dj_ponytale $3,749.85

FullTilt’s normal tournament scene continued this past weekend, with it’s trio of large buy-in events running.  However, there was one change to the schedule, the $750k became the $1,000,000 Guarantee and it’s buy-in was increased to $500+35.  Over 2,239 entrats would help to create a prizepool of $1,119,500 with first place receiving just over $200,000.  Many FulTilt Red Pro’s entered the tournament, with the ever-elegant Cyndy Violette making a deep run, finishing 25th for just over $4,300.  Another female, Many B also made a nice run, going out in 53rd place.  Bill Gazes, Stuart Paterson, Toto Leonidas, and S. Gromenkova also made the money.

The Final Table consisted of some crazy action, with the first two eliminations happening in just the first few hands.  After only 20 minutes of play, five players had already been eliminated!  This would leave some deep stacks for the final four and a long battle.  “All Golfer” started the HU battle with over a 2:1 chiplead, but like we’ve seen in the past, no lead is safe.  “OneEyedWilly_1” would chip away until he would gain a small chip-lead.  After min-raising the button, “All Golfer” would check back a Kc 7h 6s flop.  On a 5c turn Willy_1 led for just under the size of the pot, only to get raised by “All Golfer”.  All the money went in and each player had two-pair, with OneEyedWilly_1 holding K70 to All Golfer’s 65s.  The river would be of no help and OneEyedWilly_1 took down the title and $205,373.

FullTilt $1,000,000 Guarantee
2239 Entrants

1. OneEyedWilly_1 – $205,373
2. All Golfer – $126,056
3. spazsoldier – $82,507
4. DMill90 – $65,827
5. bobeads – $49,818
6. JOHNCL – $35,824
7. Pjer – $26,308
8. fyrtuk – $20,599
9. LIAMWAIN – $15,673

The “Sunday Brawl” a $240+16 KO Event attracted1,791 entrants, generating a prizepool of $358,200.  Making the final table and a deep run was “apestyles”.  The austin,TX native is known for his MTT success, having been ranked as one of the best online tournament players for some time now.  He has numerous big scores, including 9 five-figure cashes.  His biggest win was in the Stars $109r this past January.  He has also gone deep twice in the FullTilt $750k, finsihing 5th both times for over $30,000 in each. The 5th place bug once again bit him on FullTilt, as he busted in the middle of the pack at the final table.  “titantom32” is currently ranked as the 37th-best online MTT player.  He has numerous huge cashes online, including a win in a $500k guarantee on Stars for over $91,000 just 3 weeks ago.  He also took down the SuperTuesday on Stars for over $71,000 in January.  Titantom32 would make a nice run, but would finish 2nd here,earning just under $49,000 for his efforts.  Little-know “xxxmaxprophetxx” would take hom first and nearly $74,000 winnings

FullTilt $250k Guarantee Sunday Brawl
1791 Entrants

1. xxxmaxprophetxx – $73,789
2 titantom32 – $48,715
3. 79Piranha – $36,178
4. kkabouterflop – $28,298
5. apestyles – $21,134
6. BKBaddog – $14,686
7. Sircall – $8,955
8. forlive – $6,089
9. ahhhhhsht – $4,298

The latest of the Sunday Tournaments on FullTilt, the “Sunday Mulligan”, allows players one last shot at a huge score.  1,104 entrants paid the $200+16 entry fee and created a nice prize pool of $220,800.  Finishing in the middle of the final table pack was “KillerIntent” who busted 7th.  His $6,624 winnings are dwarfed by the fact that he was seen playing in the $500/$1000NL Game on FullTilt late into the night on Sunday, winning a pot of over $186,000 against Guy Laliberte, the famous Cirque du Soleil owner and high-stakes donator.  In the end it was “mugam” who would take home first and just under $50,000.  He has one other deep finish, a 3rd place in a LHE FTOPS event for over $20,000.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guarantee
1104 Entants

1. mugam – $49,680
2. laerist – $31,464
3. jcasper432 – $23,294
4. mgw21 – $18,216
5. e2202 – $13,800
6. thebirdman84 – $9,936
7. KillerIntent – $6,624
8. skeptix – $4,968
9. THEROBBOB20 – $3,533

Rounding out our report as always in the Bodog “nobody wants to play me” $100k Guarantee.  This week 620 entrants paid the $100+9 entry fee, leaving once again a huge overlay.  A few players were no strangers to the 100k final table, including the top three finishers.  “Yardmaster” was able to outlast his fellow competitors and take home nearly $24,000 in first place money.

Bodog $100k Guarantee
620 entrants

1. Yardmaster – $23,600
2. grandmabodog – $13,600
3. quietwinner – $9,100
4. Justin58 – $7,000
5. A49ERGIANT – $5,700
6. chappie21 – $4,500
7. Uwillbepunkd – $3,300
8. 35thcorvette – $2,200
9. Conman23 – $1,300