Another Sunday is in the books,  and with the WCOOP over, a full-day of the typical Sunday majors has come and gone.  Attendance was down slightly this past Sunday, with all three Stars Majors (Million, Warm-up, Second Chance) failing to attract enough players to reach their guarantees.   Making up for some of the slack was the PokerStars Turbo Takedown, a FPP buy-in event with a million dollar prizepool.  PokerStars also ran their “Sunday 500”, a $500+$30 buy-in, $500k guarantee event.

Getting us started as always in the Stars Sunday Warm-up.  the $750,000 guarantee event only attracted 3328 entrants, at $200+$15 a piece, that meant nearly $85,000 in overlay!  Making the final table was MTT-Pro and FullTilt Red Pro Jon “PearlJammer” Turner.  Turner is currently ranked in the top 30 in a specific online-MTT rankings.  He had 3 big wins this year, including a victory in the Super-Tuesday on Stars for $71,280.  Turner would go on to finish 5th in the Warm-up for just over $31,000. Winning the tournament and $105,000 in prize money was former small-stakes grinder “EtOi”.  Playing as low as 100nl just four months ago, EtOi now has himself a 6-figure MTT-cash.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-up
3328 entrants

1. EtOi – $105,000
2. ucftennis12 – $75,000
3. ROYALDODIS – $52,500
4. knot_BE – $39,375
5. PearlJammer – $31,500
6. tendog – $24,000
7. NoraFlum – $16,500
8. d1sterbd – $10,500
9. ShOrTy D 25 – $7,050

The new “Sunday 500” drew only 900 entrants, leaving $50,000 in overlay.  The most notable player making a deep run were online-MTT Pro’s “jcamby33” and “t soprano” who finished 25th and 27th respectively for $2,250.00 each. Taking down the crown and over $91,000 in first-place money was Jeff “YoungSupremacy” Hakim who plays as “Jeff710” on PokerStars.  This is not Jeff’s first big win, having won the FTOPs Event #15 this past February for over $72,000.  He was able to hold off “MONSTER_DONG”,who earned $66,500, just barely beating out the $66,125 he won back in March for his victory in the $100-rebuy on PokerStars.

PokerStars Sunday 500
900 entrants

1. Jeff710 – $91,500
2. MONSTER_DONG – $66,500
3. bebby1 – $50,000
4. threeven – $37,500
5. rizz13 – $26,250
6. puntnko – $21,250
7. DenverSports – $16,250
8. $ulle$ – $11,250
9. Dinhjo – $7,000

The “Turbo Takedown,” an event where players can only buy in with PokerStars Frequent Player Points “FPP” generally takes place on the last Sunday of each month.  The 5,000 FPP buy-in tournament attracted 10,742 entrants, who all took a shot at the $1,000,000 prizepool and the $100,000 first-place check.  The tournament has a deep payout structure, awarding cash to 4000 of the nearly 11,000 entrants.  It is a turbo format that actually slows down after level 18 to allow more play late.  Making the most of this “freeroll” was “HooBangin”who bested his career-best cash with a 3rd place finish and $62,863 after a chop.  The cash was more than $30,000 than his 3rd place finish in a 2nd-chance WCOOP event earlier this month! Taking home the crown was “mirror99” who entered the final table 4th in chips.  The final hand was a doozy, with the K7 of “doucheburger” well behind the K9 or mirro99.  However, the flop came Jc5h7d, giving doucheburger a commanding lead.  All hope was lost however, when the turn fell the 9s, giving mirror99 a better pair, the victory, and just over $83,000.

PokerStars Turbo Takedown
10,742 entrants

1. mirror99 — $83,426.69
2. doucheburger — $53,709.34
3. HooBangin — $62,863.97
4. eldie2 — $32,500.00
5. moozzer22 — $25,000.00
6. toreyoops — $20,000.00
7. matkiller23 — $15,000.00
8. QTgirlE3 — $10,000.00
9. WhooooKidd — $5,500.00

Next up was the Sunday Million, which needs to be renamed to the 1.5million, because PokerStars seems set with their guarantee. They may want to rethink the new number as only 7133 entrants, forcing Stars to pay out nearly $75,000 in overlay. Sunday was quickly becoming a very expensive day for PokerStars. After a long and hard fought battle, “Tuffy Cat”, who entered the final table in the middle of the pack, 5th in chips, took down first place and $184,500.

The Final Table stacks looked like this:
Seat 1: agiletto — 1,722,272
Seat 2: WatchOutSir — 4,655,177
Seat 3: SantiagoRain — 6,499,207
Seat 4: Tuffy Cat — 8,991,714
Seat 5: Assassinato — 17,485,447
Seat 6: londanuk — 10,335,993
Seat 7: AceBonG — 9,542,218
Seat 8: amichaiKK — 1,850,436
Seat 9: hustln_ps — 10,247,536

First to go was “amichaiKK” who was forced to shove in early position with a lowly pair of deuces. He was slightly ahead of the A9s of “SantiagoRain”, but when an Ace fell on the River, he was out in 9th place, earning just over $10,000.

“WatchOutSir” would be the next to go, finishing 8th when his pocket 8’s failed to improve against Tuffy Cat’s pocket Tens. The board would run out As3c5d7dQh and WatchOutSir would earn just over $17,000 for a long days work.

Just five minutes later “agiletto” would ship the last of his stack in with A4s only to run into”AceBonG’s” A9o. The board would completely brick out, offering agiletto little hope and sending him home in 7th, with a nice payday over $26,500 left to comfort him.

“Londanuk” would finally get involved in the action, taking out two players in succession. His 66 would hold against “hustlin_ps” who went all-in with AQo. Hustlin_ps would take 6th place and $39,000. Next to go was “Assassinato” when his QTo ran into, surprise surprise, the A9s of “londaunk. The board would come AdAcTs, leaving no hope to Assassinato and forcing him out in 5th place, earning $54,000 for his efforts.

Chips continued to be traded with out a knock out, during which time “Tuffy Cat” would amass a stack equally his three competitor’s stacks combined. His ~35million chips represented practically half of the chips in play. However, he would soon relinquish his lead when his A9o lost to AceBonG’s AK. However, Tuffy Cat got right back on the horse, knocking out SantiagoRain in 4th when his pocket 8’s were able to hold off SantiagoRain’s AJo. The boar would run out 9hTd6h7hJs, leaving SantiagoRain with top pair, only to lose to the Jack-high straight from Tuffy Cat.

Tuffy Cat would then make an intersting play, limping pocket Aces in the Small Blind versus londanuk’s Big Blind. The play would work out nicely, as the two players would go all-in on the river on a 6h8h5cJh6s board, each holding two-pair, Tuffy Cat’s AA vs the J9s of londanuk. Londanuk would go home in 3rd and earn $84,000 for his deep finish.

There would be no deal this week, as each player failed to even discuss one once heads-up play started. The final hand saw Tuffy Cat open on the button and AceBonG reshove for 20million total chips from the Big Blind. Tuffy Cat would call and be slightly ahead with his A5s to the A4s of AceBonG. These two hands tend to chop the pot nearly half the time, however, when the 5d fell on the flop, it seemed Tuffy Cat was destined to win the Million. In the end he would take home $184,500 for his win while AceBonG would have to settle for 2nd and nearly $125,000.

PokerStars Sunday Million
7133 entrants

1. Tuffy Cat — $184,500.00
2. AceBonG — $124,950.00
3. londanuk — $84,000.00
4. SantiagoRain — $69,000.00
5. Assassinato — $54,000.00
6. hustin_ps — $39,000.00
7. agiletto — $26,500.00
8. WatchOutSir — $17,250.00
9. amichaiKK — $10,500.00

The $200+$15 rebuy event always pulls some of the biggest names to the top.  This weekend was no exception, as Jeff “yellowsub86” Williams and MTT-dominator “AJKHoosier1” both made deep runs.  AJKHoosier would wind up finishing 6th while yellowsub86 would take the bridesmaid spot, earning 2nd place and nearly $38,000 in prize money.  In the end it was “scarface79” who would out last Williams and earn over$51,000 for his victory.

PokerStars Sunday $200 rebuy
299 entrants

1. scarface79 $51,250.00
2. yellowsub86 $37,500.00
3. Facesup $28,250.00
4. puntnko $21,250.00
5. Asprin1 $14,750.00
6. AJKHoosier1 $11,250.00
7. Belabacsi $8,750.00
8. ASPoker8 $6,250.00
9. Pokergenius2 $4,375

Last but not least on the Stars rotation this week in the Sunday Second Chance.  The $200+$15 buy-in tournament allows everyone a final shot at a big payday.  The 1235 entrants would once again leave a huge overlay, this time just over $50,000.  For those counting that’s over $260,000 in overlay in the Sunday Majors on PokerStars this past Sunday.  The final table was full of solid player, most notably online Pro “Bakes” who plays as “whooooKidd” on PokerStars.  His Final Table experience was short-lived, finishing 7th for just under $10,000.  Once the tournament became 4-handed a chop was decided upon and in the end “wat-dee” would win, barely out-earning “pipedream17” who finished 2nd.

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance
1235 entants

1. wat-dee $41,600.01
2. Pipedream17 $40,519.99
3. PapaGreggio $29,500.00
4. Alphafoil $35,500.00
5. Being $15,750.00
6. chalie d $12,750.00
7. WhooooKidd $9,750.00
8. Bingoman24 $6,750.00
9. RiverBgood $4,200.00

PokerStars was not the only site  running a large series of event.  FullTilt’s big 3, the $750k, the “Sunday Brawl”, and the “Mulligan” were all in full force on Sunday.  Two of the three events failed to gain enough entrants to reach their guarantees, making FullTilt pay out some nice overlay.

The Brawl is a $350,000 guarantee, $240+$16 buy-in event.  1781 players were vying for first place and nearly $74,000 in prize-money. “rookieITB” was fortunate enough to outlast the field and take home the championship, earning $73,377 for his efforts.  This cah dwarfs his previous best of $5,670 set back in March in a win in a small $50 tournament.

FullTilt Sunday Brawl
1781 entrants

1. RookieITB – $73,377
2. skitzo333 – $48,443
3. buttheyrsuited2 – $35,976
4. Colt216 – $28,140
5. shooting star 2 – $21,016
6. martins22 – $14,604
7. meskastar – $8,905
8. JustLuck1337 – $6,055
9. amontobin99 – $4,274

FullTilt’s biggest Sunday tournament, the $750k guarantee, failed to meet it’s guarantee once again, this time by nearly $60,000 in entry-money. There were many FullTilt Red Pro’s in attendace, including twol who made the money. Keith Sexton barely made the money, while Lee Watkinson made a deep run, finishing the tournament in 33rd place. In the end it was “waffle1215” who would outlast “DukeTheDude” for first and take home just over $132,000 in earnings.

FullTilt $750k Guarantee
3454 entrants

1. waffle1215 – $132,788
2. DukeTheDude – $80,250
3. TheCloserX5 – $52,500
4. WhitneyHouston1 – $41,400
5. dubbydub2002 – $31,050
6. Baumerball – $23,025
7. Reinders – $17,250
8. flymaxx – $13,500
9. bigtoe2227 – $10,050

The final Sunday Major on  FullTilt in the aptly-named “Sunday Mulligan” which gives players one final shot at a nice cash.  Making the most of his last chance was “ferdilicious” who would outlast 969 other competitors and take home the title and $45,000 in prize money.   David “the Dragon” Pham was the lone FullTilt Representative to finish in the money.  Rusostreet, who has made my report numerous times, was the first to go at the final table, finishing 9th for $3200.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan

970 Entrants

1. ferdilicious – $45,000
2. ITG777 – $29,000
3. GimmeFiction – $21,500
4. HisXLNC – $16,500
5. OnlyPlayRagz – $12,500
6. bestdayever – $9,000
7. bearw8 – $6,000
8. 4us0306 – $4,500
9. rusostreet – $3,200

A final note, it seems Bodog did not run their $100k guarantee tournament this weekend.  Having to pay out nearly 40% of the prizepool out of their own pockets must have finally taken it’s toll on the site, which is rumored to have been struggling lately.  They are currently running their BPO II, or the Bodog Poker Open Two, and held a $200+$15 buyin event yesterday, attracting 181 participants.  The tournament was won by “TheHesse” who took home $9955 for his efforts.  Hopefully the $100k and it’s massive overlay is back next week!