This Sunday was just like the rest – positively huge. The ultimate boom or bust proposition for online tournament players, yesterday was no different. It was heartbreaking for FTR’s own nutsinho, who not only finished 28th out of 23,118 in the Sunday Hundred Grand on Poker Stars, but finished 40th out of 3,119 in the $500 Poker Stars Million, taking two incredibly tough beats to finish him off. While it is of no solace to nutsinho, he clearly played these two tournaments very well. As most everyone who plays tournaments knows, that light at the end of the tunnel can either be your big break, or the variance train coming to crush you.

This week’s Poker Stars Million was the end of the month, so it was the $530 version, rather than $215. It attracted 3,119 players, and created a prizepool of nearly $1.6 million dollars. The final table was extremely tough, with players like iamhiv, DCal Zone, pearljam1012, futilewar, and plattsburgh. After it was all said and done, KipsterDK took it down. The top five players made a deal five handed, which left $30k on the table. After all of it, KipsterDK took home nearly $150k for a little less than 13 hours work. Not bad.

1. KipsterDK: $149,861
2. plattsburgh: $133,397
3. tshooter1970: $143,314
4. futilewar: $108,479
5. pearljam1012: $112,297
6. iamhiv: $45,226
7. caicu: $32,750
8. jmmejjer: $20,585
9. DCal Zone: $12,164

As for the $215, Sunday Warm-Up, 3,324 players showed up to inflate the prizepool to nearly $665k, a nice jump over the $500k Guarantee. The eventual winner, Big_Col11 beat out a tough final table that included Dyzalot, and the legendary JohnnyBax.

1. Big_Col11: $114,811
2. diatty: $58,569
3. HopeUfold: $42,082
4. thedylan1: $33,240
5 .RiverMegl: $26,060
6. petit ponche: $19,279
7. SOXFAN83: $13,961
8. Dyzalot: $8,775
9. JohnnyBax: $5,185

The $240+$16 Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt Poker attracted 1,668 players this week, and created an amazing first place prize of over $70k. Bastet2004 battled for over 8 hours en route to the large payday!

1. bastet2004: $71,724
2. Klausen: $45,370
3. 121006: $33,694
4. desputas: $26,688
5. MrVengeanceCH: $20,016
6. villus: $14,345
7. BeeeBuried: $9,341
8. russbuster: $6,672
9. Shahrazada: $4,670

3,626 players plunked down $200+$16 in hopes of being able to take down the Full Tilt Poker $750k Guaranteed. The eventual winner was ionlyplayAA, who some might know as Matthew Hilger. Hilger made a deep run in the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event, gaining some notoriety for his 33rd place finish.

1. ionlyplayAA: $132,788
2. PedjaMN: $80,250
3. UBENICE: $52,500
4. zelong: $41,400
5. Nocturnick: $31,050
6. br56887: $23,025
7. bozbosjes: $17,250
8. Draigan1: $13,500
9. aabeware: $10,050

In the Sunday $5.2k freezeout, 20 players once again showed up. At the end of it all was quzzo and MattEMenz, who chopped it even, for $37.5k each, leaving $25k on the table. Quzzo took MattEMenz down headsup, and took down $62.5k!

The Bodog $100k once again fell way short of its guarantee, with only 675 players forking over $100 to play! A $32.5k overlay was enjoyed by some extremely tough players, such as muckanut (better known as Bond18), Body Man D, and goodvibe. Daman04 outlasted this tough table, and took down $25k!

1. Daman04: $25,000
2. Body Man D: $14,300
3. e4: $9,200
4. I GOAT FU: $6,900
5. whoznxt: $5,500
6. SlotsLover: $4,500
7. muckanut: $3,500
8. goodvibe: $2,500
9. The Destroyer: $1,600

Body Man D didn’t make just one major final table yesterday; he also made the final table of the Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt! Quite the feat. This final table was also very tough, with DNA2RNA beating out the table for the win! He’s having a great year on Poker Stars thus far, just barely in 2nd on the Yearly TLB.

1. DNA2RNA: $48,870
2. jorgeezy: $31,494
3. Bolikk: $23,349
4. shipitobv: $17,919
5. mrvogt: $13,575
6. willybetmore: $9,774
7. Body Man D: $6,516
8. dirkthework: $4,887
9. JR2Brown: $3,475

Last, but not least is the Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars. The popular $200+$15 tourney had a nice turnout this week, with 1439 players showing up and eclipsing the $200k guarantee by $87,800! Another strong final table, with truesyalose and MrCasino being the most notable players.

1. MrCasino: $50,508.90
2. ladyluck00: $37,414.00
3. master06: $28,780.00
4. truesyalose: $21,585.00
5. Manu4ever10: $15,109.50
6. Doli: 12,231.50
7. ratoneBR: $9,353.50
8. ricodemus: $6,475.50
9. gambler9996: $4,029.20

Congratulations to everyone who hit it big this week, and come back next week for another Sunday tournament report!