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Some pretty epic Sundays have gone down recently, with players making two major final tables in one day, and a player hitting two six-figure scores in one day. However, we haven’t seen what went down yesterday, which was one playing, winning two major tournaments. On top of all of that, Poker Stars tournaments saw huge amounts of entrants due to their doubled guarantees promotion. That meant the Sunday Million was the Sunday Two Million yesterday.

So let’s kick it off with said tournament, which saw an unbelievable amount of players show up for the $215 buy-in! A record 14,181 players came out, inflating the prizepool to over $2.8 million! It took just twelve hours of play to whittle the field down to its eventual winner – TimDawg888. He made a deal with the remaining players, and took the lion’s share when it was all said and done.

1. TimDawg888: $235,356.
2. xanja: $235,000
3. PokerMurphy1: $167,789
4. kpax22: $113,448
5. KAG1: $85,086
6. Roundhauskik: $63,815
7. sjoko: $45,379
8. Bumper111: $29,496
9. funplay800: $21,272

The Sunday Warmup had its prizepool doubled as well, yesterday. With the jump from $500k to $1 million, it comes as no surprise that that a record field showed up for the Warmup, with 5,357 players coming out. Unfortunately, 5,356 players left disappointed, as Parnish was the winner, taking down the full amount of $137,675!

1. Parnish: $137,675
2. Benjaphon: $94,926
3. Tgonz: $62,677
4. markkx: $51,963
5. scossett: $41,249
6. ggiillaadd: $30,535
7. flyingdonk: $21,428
8. mrudy68: $13,393
9. Thaiti: $8,785

2,032 players came out for the Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars, as the guarantee was up to $400k this week. However, with that field, the prizepool was up to $460k, creating a solid $73.6k for 1st! Donnysack was able to beat out the field, taking down $73,618 in the process, as the players opted for no chop at the final table.

1. donnysack: $73,618
2. hookembaby83: $52,946
3. CPT CRUX: $38,213
4. Alex_Moscow: $25,782
5. WINTERS25: $21,178
6. Fold Ü Phish: $16,574
7. bonzo9876: $11,970
8. ozenc: $8,287
9. nsd4eva: $5,064

The Full Tilt $750k saw a player show up who was mentioned earlier. Dipthrong has been on a tear lately, winning the Sunday Mulligan this week and winning the Full Tilt $750k! He came into the final table as the chip leader and never looked back, grinding out the competition en route to a massive $147,382 payday.

1. dipthrong – $147,382
2. DG101: $89,219
3. alow4194: $58,422
4. TSDwarrior: $45,903
5. Berthiaumel01: $34,469
6. DUSoonerKid: $25,539
7. boykee: $19,196
8. lazman04: $15,023
9. Pfefffff: $11,184

The Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt saw Ari Engel (playing as I Am Ari) and GB2005 come out. This comes as no surprise given their talent and as GB2005 has been making major final tables all over the place lately, as he made this very same final table last week! He didn’t improve on his second place finish from last week, busting in 6th for $14,243. Ari had the best showing of the two pros, taking 3rd for $35,087, as neither player could outlast SMIFF_29, who took it down for $71.5k.

1. SMIFF_29: $71,564
2. Ace18: $47,246
3. I Am Ari: $35,087
4. VincentVegas007: $27,445
5. AKbully8: $20,497
6. GB2005: $14,243
7. StckedOff21: $8,685
8. footwork: $5,906
9. RascalKing: $4,169

The Sunday Mulligan saw one of the very best tournaments players around show up, as Annette_15 destroyed the competition, taking down $51.6k in the process! Annette doesn’t play the volume she used to, but is always a huge threat in whatever tournament she plays.

1. Annette_15: $51,660
2. nickdawgg: $32,718
3. FM2T: $24,223
4. scam8: $18,942
5. YanniYankievich: $14,350
6. Radford999: $10,332
7. ahab32: $6,888
8. ktc5x4: $5,166
9. dsindy: $3,674

Rounding out FTR’s coverage of the Sunday Majors, is the Bodog $100k. 783 players showed up, lessening the overlay down to $21.7k this week. As mentioned before, and as you may have figured out, Dipthrong took this down, effectively taking down two majors in one day! The sickest part of it all is he took this down earlier in the day, taking down the Full Tilt $750k to wrap up his day. Amazing.

1. dipthrong: $23,600
2. 1ManCrew: $13,600
3. fatal: $9,100
4. GotSmChange4Ya: $7,000
5. Yardmaster: $5,700
6. scorpiovie: $4,500
7. Poncelet: $3,300
8. ryder_back: $2,200
9. kobepeyton: $1,300

Congrats to everyone who cashed big yesterday!