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Another weekend, another Sunday, and another day with millions and millions being paid out to players. However, it wasn’t just another Sunday for one FTR member. But, as usual, let’s kick it off with the Poker Stars Sunday Million, which still saw a large field come out, which perhaps is an aftereffect of last week’s 2X Promotion on Poker Stars.

8,589 players came out this week, inflating the prize pool up to 1.7 million this week! That meant that first place would be over $200k, and after 11 hours of play, that’s just what SAM66 took home! SAM66 had a big chiplead throughout a good deal of the final table. He proved to be unstoppable, as he outlasted a massive field en route to a $209,572 payday!

1. SAM66: $209,572
2. Shantaram: $141,719
3. MrMuck1976: $95,338
4. rubenrtv: $77,301
5. pepperdiablo: $60,123
6. my_emolument: $42,945
7. moorten: $30,062
8. Axinar: $19,755
9. Cjh1224: $13,399

The Sunday Warmup saw one of the very best Sweden has to offer come out and decimate the final table. Eisenhower1 has been building a solid reputation amongst tournament pros in the past few months, and helped that along quite well yesterday by dominating the final table and collecting a solid payday of $97,664.

1. eisenhower1: $97,664
2. seberek: $69,760
3. hanji: $45,693
4. nukemaster1: $34,880
5. AyeReady1966: $27,904
6. AA_Legend: $20,928
7. bartleby666: $14,998
8. ryanfitz05: $10,464
9. truls77: $6,767

As I mentioned earlier, there was an FTR member present at one of today’s majors –  the Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars. Mcatdog waded his way through the field, but definitely didn’t pick the softest final table, as Universe112 and Jason “Taknapotin” Carver were present as well. Mcat played a great game, but unfortunately ran into a cooler, getting it in with AQ vs. a very aggressive taknapotin’s AK. He busted in 8th for $6,796, as he busted to the eventual winner. Taknapotin took down an impressive $57,766 for his efforts.

1. Taknapotin: $57,766
2. uncledrkmeat: $43,494
3. P0ker D0h: $32,451
4. Rugieee: $23,786
5. voyager7o9: $16,990
6. v1nc: $13,592
7. Universe112: $10,194
8. mcatdog: $6,796
9. Brezi26: $4,757

The Full Tilt major was a $535 this week, and was a $1 million guaranteed rather than a $750k. Some tough talent made it to the final table, including AJKHoosier1, and A__theKevlar__2. Also, while most people might not know GulahPapyrus, a simple check on any of the tracking sites would bring up the fact that this isn’t the first time they’ve made this final table. In January, when the Full Tilt major was once again a $535 $1 million guaranteed, GulahPapyrus won it then. That’s just what Gulah did yesterday, outlasting the tough final table, including beating the extremely talented AJKHoosier1 headsup! Between the two wins, Gulah has pocketed a whopping $400k+.

1. GulahPapyrus: $219,773
2. AJKHoosier1: $134,895
3. hurikane3: $88,293
4. A__theKevlar__2: $70,442
5. SitAndStack: $53,311
6. Chipleader56: $38,336
7. Nom Sayin: $28,153
8. acatlover: $22,043
9. ILIKEPONIES: $16,772

The Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt Poker saw a solid turnout of 1,769 players this week, creating a $350k+ prizepool, with the bulk of that prizepool going to the nine players who were able to make it through the field. Unfortunately for the other eight players at the final table, they weren’t able to outlast Styjroben33, who was the last player standing, and the recipient of $72,883!

1. Styjroben33: $72,883
2. ulilbeach: $48,117
3. CopenhagenPride: $35,734
4. Sakerfalke: $27,950
5. Badtilt: $20,874
6. HigHRolliN44: $14,506
7. BlackFours: $8,845
8. otti_B: $6,015
9. Hanahan: $4,246

Full Tilt’s version of the Second Chance – The Sunday Mulligan, saw GimmeFiction grind out the competition, taking down 1st place and $55.9k while doing so.

1. GimmeFiction: $55,924
2. rafampvierira: $35,588
3. FromThaGroundUp: $26,183
4. Boodacious: $20,654
5. Jagz7: $15,888
6. Outdraw09: $11,439
7. GrMonkey: $7,626
8. Bernie Kosar: $5,720
9. LovinItAll: $4,067

Rounding out our coverage as usual, is the Bodog $100k. The value is dropping a bit, as this $100+$9 saw 753 players come out this week, as the players have been coming back again, dropping the overlay that Bodog paid out to $24.7k this week. Dippydough was this week’s winner, taking away $23.6k for the win.

1. dippydough – $23,600
2. 35thcorvette – $13,600
3. Jray87 – $9,100
4. azn_synergy – $7,000
5. Ragaboo – $5,700
6. escape222 – $4,500
7. pkb6786 – $3,300
8. Homer_Jay – $2,200
9. JohnD – $1,300

That’s all for this week, folks. Be sure to come back next week, as next Sunday is going to be a big one. The $530 $250k Guaranteed on Poker Stars, along with the Turbo Takedown, and a special version of the Sunday Warm-up, where it will be the 2x chance, with a $1 million prize pool!