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Another massive Sunday is in the books, and some of the usual suspects showed up yesterday, many of them playing on one of the first three Day 1’s, and enjoying the EV that massive prize pools offer up. As usual, let’s kick off FTR’s coverage of the big Sunday tournaments with the biggest weekly tournament on the whole wide world of online poker – The Poker Stars Sunday Million.

A solid line-up made its way to the illustrious Sunday Million final table, with Devon “PokerSavage1” Miller and Cody “thugmoneymkr” Slaubaugh making their way through over 7,000 players. Devon found his way to three handed play, when he and the other two players made a deal, guaranteeing each player over six figures. This left $30k for the eventual winner. BeatBeatKid_2 ended up with the biggest prize of them all, not only claiming $145k from the chop, but the remaining $30k!

1. BeatBeatKid_2: $175,000
2. PokerSavage1: $103,000
3. racin77db: $100,370
4. dynoalot: $66,318.30
5. GravityPilot: $52,056.30
6. etushekki: $37,794.30
7. MyMaria44: $25,671.60
8. thugmoneymkr: $17,114.40
9. Oderec25: $11,124.36

The Poker Stars Sunday Warm-up is the tournament that kicks off the majors on Sundays, and offers up a solid first place prize to whomever can make it to the end of the long road. One_life22 was the big winner this week, outlasting the field en route to a $86k payday.

1. one_life22: $86,199
2. Mekong~x: $61,362
3. Pango0274: $43,246
4. daNutz15: $32,142
5. U_TILT_ME: $26,298
6. keksdose68: $20,454
7. matjouz: $14,610
8. drhms: $9,350
9. timigod: $5,669

The Poker Stars Second Chance saw two players show up who became repeat offenders, each making separate major final tables on Full Tilt as well! Quite the achievement, indeed. As for this final table itself, JohnnyBelow and SNo0oWMAN were the best at the final table, so it comes as no surprise that those were the two players that made repeat final tables yesterday. Sunset King took it all down for $48,935, in the process beating out some solid players in JohnnyBelow and Sno0oWMAN.

1. Sunset King: $48,935
2. ollie570: $35,880
3. JohnnyBelow: $27,600
4. jinglenutz: $20,700
5. mnbvcxy: $14,490
6. central106: $11,730
7. SNo0oWMAN: $8,970
8. BrokenTPot: $6,210
9. grind4mine: $3,864

The Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed was another tough, tough final table that went down yesterday. It also saw one of the two players that were mentioned before; make it to this massive final table. SN8WMAN continued his solid Sunday, finishing in 6th for $23,025. However, the talented holdplz had the best finish of them all, winning it for $132,788.

1. holdplz: $132,788
2. jibossh: $80,250
3. Belig: $52,500
4. fratboy247: $41,400
5. kasper74: $31,050
6. SN8WMAN: $23,025
7. wmmcl: $17,250
8. jtd24: $13,500
9. ohjay310: $10,050

JohnnyBelow made his second appearance of the day at the Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt Poker and made the most of it, besting GB2005 and David “Bussa Buss” Baker, who are no strangers to big money tournaments. For his efforts, Johnny came away with the win and $61,533.

1. JohnnyBelow: $61,533
2. GB2005: $38,923
3. Brahmann: $28,906
4. spady 007: $22,896
5. pokerhuber: $17,172
6. Bussa Buss: $12,307
7. ronnex: $8,014
8. nate7177: $5,724
9. PainkPanther05: $4,007

Staying with the theme of repeat offenders making appearances at final tables, noted SNG grinder dipthrong owned the Sunday Mulligan final table on Full Tilt Poker, taking down all comers while attaining a great payday of $44,436.

1. dipthrong: $44,436
2. okstate345: $28,014
3. sugarbritches10: $20,769
4. fergwrx: $15,939
5. uuhhhicall: $12,075
6. baxshatr: $8,694
7. IWntErinNess: $5,796
8. DallasRounder: $4,521
9. Ace18: $3,284

Rounding out our weekly coverage of Sundays is the Bodog $100k, as once again the overlay was solid, clocking in at $27.2k this week. Pkb6786 was the skilled and lucky recipient of that value this week, taking down the $23.6k first prize!

1. pkb6786: $23,600
2. Dartanian: $13,600
3. Zieg30: $9,100
4. denlm: $7,000
5. Whitey03: $5,700
6. sanzard: $4,500
7. ryder_back: $3,300
8. yuengling: $2,200
9. dinoucla: $1,300

That’s all for this week. Be sure to stay tuned to FTR Blogs as we continue to cover the latest in poker news.