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Another Sunday is in the books with millions being paid out to thousands of players. Who won the biggest chunks of those millions? Let’s kick off the Sunday Report this week by taking a look at the biggest weekly tournament on the internet, the Sunday Million on Poker Stars.

This week saw 6,993 entrants each putting up $215 in the search for an enormous score. Unlike last week, there were no deals made, and heads-up became essentially a sit n’ go for nearly six figures. At the end of it all, jotaele1 won the tournament, and nearly $200k to go along with it.

1. jotaele1: $197,203
2. JHBrenes: $99,301
3. mass.mike: $69,930
4. OWWEX: $55,944
5. late_entry: $41,958
6. tpreston: $30,769
7. anybody1108: $21,678
8. zeistpoker11: $12,587
9. Jim Bee: $8,252

Full Tilt Poker’s big weekly tournament, the $216 $750k Guaranteed, once again had an overlay with only 3,603 players showing up. However, there was still a great deal of money at stake, as six figures awaited the eventual winner. LagTart, also known as cashtorg on Poker Stars, was without a doubt the most decorated player at the final table, with numerous five-figure scores on Full Tilt in 2008, including a $66k cash in March. Unfortunately for him, he collected only half of that amount yesterday, falling in 5th for $31,050. Robbieoz was the winner, taking down $132,788.

1. Robbieoz: $132,788
2. KGtheACE: $80,250
3. Zappabertie: $52,500
4. G de Ipanema: $41,400
5. LagTart: $31,050
6. AA DOK: $23,025
7. ConcreteAPM: $17,250
8. backloop2: $13,500
9. JBlaze20: $10,050

For the third time this year, nordlending won the $5,200 freezeout on Poker Stars, this time winning it for $80k, as 16 of the toughest players showed up. Even more amazing is the fact that he won it not even a month ago, taking it down on May 4th for $100k.

The Sunday Warm-Up on Poker Stars has become increasingly popular over the months, attracting nicely sized fields, and lifting first place to over six-figures every week. This week was no different, of course, with 3,039 players showing up for the $215 $500k Guaranteed tournament, and creating a first place prize of $104,967. Also as usual, were some talented players showing up at the final table. S00tedj0kers and sandler1860 are two up and comers in the online tournament circuit, both posting great results this year, thus far. All_in_at420 is already known as a formidable foe, with a multitude of big final tables under his belt as well. IDOLLS was the big winner in this tournament however, besting s00tedj0kers heads-up.

1. IDOLLS: $104,967
2. s00tedj0kers: $53,547
3. n0d1ceb4by: $38,474
4. sandler1860: $30,390
5. X1010X: $23,826
6. Michnak: $17,626
7. DatDfrunchen: $12,764
8. All_in_at420: $8,023
9. SBAAMA: $4,741

Speaking of up and comers, that is just the kind of player who took down the Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt. Wretchy has been on an unbelievable tear the past few months, on both Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, and definitely capped it of yesterday with an amazing win in the Sunday Brawl for $69,961.

1. Wretchy: $69,961
2. ChrisChun: $44,254
3. uNDeFeaTaBLE1: $32,865
4. Slegna: $26,032
5. Metsfan512: $19,524
6. Lord Kinbote: $13,992
7. mich_alumni: $9,111
8. PAW717: $6,508
9. FlawlessV1ctory: $4,556

However, the toughest final table of the week had to be the $216 Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt. YanniYankievich, Balla-B13, kwob20, Stubblefield, Luke “magikstick8” Vrabel, and Squirrely1 are all online tournament pros who have had their time in the sun more than once, and with these players at the final table, you were sure to see some great poker. Two of these players ended up heads-up, with squirrely1 getting the best of magikstick8, taking away $45,954 in the process.

1. Squirrely1: $45,954
2. magikstick8: $28,971
3. brascodonnie: $21,479
4. Stubblefield: $16,484
5. kwob20: $12,488
6. Miklan300: $8,991
7. Numba0neStunn4: $5,994
8. Balla-B13: $4,675
9. YanniYankievich: $3,397

1,298 players showed up for the $215 Second Chance event on Poker Stars, making a nearly $260k prize pool. After nearly eight hours, Guimp was the winner, taking down $45,560 for his efforts.

1. Guimp: $45,560
2. papadelpoker: $33,748
3. Louie1949: $25,960
4. JctionAeff: $19,470
5. Betudontbet: $13,629
6. CrewRep: $11,033
7. BULLMAN5: $8,437
8. twelver1232: $5,841
9. Maw8: $3,634

The Bodog $100k Guaranteed saw 698 players show up, 80 better than last week’s number. With these players putting up $100+$9 a piece, that still left $30,200 being put up by Bodog, making this one of the most desirable tournaments to play. ImTheJackal enjoyed that overlay, taking down the tournament and $23,600.

1. ImTheJackal: $23,600
2. alcarmo: $13,600
3. BigbMVP: $9,100
4. Meadham: $7,000
5. AHHH VTEC: $5,700
6. Koxi82: $4,500
7. Manube: $3,300
8. VikesWin2: $2,200
9. pkb6786: $1,300

That is all for this week, so be sure to check back again next week for more coverage of the biggest tournaments on the internet!